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House of Abundance. Pillars: Happiness, Gratitude, Giving, Balance to lead a healthy Life by implementing on Mind over Matter

It is simple to lead abundant lives. Money and power alone can’t give us abundant lives. Abundant life is when we have optimum health, wealth, relationships, work we love, peace and joy.

To create our house of abundance :

Foundation must be of God/Love

Mathew 6.33,

“But seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness: and all these things will be added unto thee”

This is true and it works. Over the years many young people have told me,

“Boss, we shall look for God or start to meditate when we reach your age! And they continue to struggle and lead unfulfilled stressful lives.”

God is love. God is nature. He/Nature is the source of everything. Get connected and keep the connection vibrant and all your material desires will be fulfilled.

Once the foundation is strong we start to erect pillars to support our house of abundance.

Pillar 1 – Happiness as a decision

Pillar 2 – Gratitude

Pillar 3 – Giving

Pillar 4 – Balance

Source: Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life(Happiness is a Choice/ Decision)

Pillar 1 – Happiness as a decision

When we decide to be happy – happy whatever life may throw at us, however badly people treat us; our lives change.

“All the so-called successful people aren’t happy. But every happy person is successful. For we do everything to be happy. Once we are happy, no matter what, life becomes awesome.”

And once we are happy gratefulness comes to us naturally. We start to thank God for all His blessings. And the more we thank Him and more grateful we are, more He gives. God/Nature will start to give us more and more reasons to be grateful for. And our happiness will increase. And we have put in motion an ever increasing cycle of abundance.

Pillar 2 – Gratitude

When we are happy and grateful, giving becomes easy. We start to give. And more we give more we get. Giving is the most potent of the spiritual laws of success. What we want we need to give. If we want to love we need to give love; if we want to respect and appreciation we need to give respect and appreciation; if we want money we need to give money and so forth.

Source: Medium(Gratitude)

Pillar 3 – Giving

Giving is not just about material things. It is about how we view life and its experiences. It is true even at our workplaces and our jobs and professions. The internal dialogue, the key driver, for most people today is :
What is in it for me? What do I get? We need to make a vital internal shift in this dialogue to :
What can I do?
How can I help?

The more we practice this happier we are. And we begin to realize that this happiness is much deeper and more fulfilling than the normal happiness which comes from doing pleasurable things. It is so fulfilling that we begin to look for more and opportunities to help, to serve.

So our Happiness -> Gratitude cycle/pillar gets, even more, stronger with the addition of the third pillar of Giving.

Source: is in Giving)

Pillar 4 – Balance

But Nature’s Nature is a balance. To lead an abundant and fulfilling life it must be balanced. Every facet of our life has to be balanced. We need to practice moderation in everything. Food, exercise, work, pray, giving and serving, fun. We need to look at all the three: Body, Mind, and Soul.

If the wheel of our life isn’t balanced our ride won’t be smooth. Even if one spoke is missing in the wheel of a bicycle it will wobble. And so shall be our lives if any component is missing.

Success is a ladder up which we go step by step. If the ladder isn’t balanced we are sure to fall.

Money isn’t a bad thing. It is not bad as long as we use it as a tool. The problem starts or happens when we start to worship money and make it our god.
Money is inert, it is neither good nor bad. It has no energy of its own. It picks up our energy. If we are happy kinds, more money will give us more happiness. If we are unhappy kinds more money will give us more unhappiness. There are hundreds of stories of the super rich and the famous committing suicides. Or ending up in mental asylums.

Source: Health School(Yin and Yang/Balance in Life)

Keep life simple

Quit the rat race

Do things you love and are passionate about.

Just be…

Happy and Grateful ?

We aren’t able to achieve more as most of our energy is spent on Judgment and Fear/Worry about the future. If we live in the Now, just a witness; nonjudgmental- we shall be able to achieve much more with much lesser effort.
Today, the Now is real while past and future are mere mind constructs.


Written by Ashok Wahi

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