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Ben Azelart is an American social media star, actor, and skateboarder, best known for his Instagram profile, where he has amassed more than 3 million followers, as well as his YouTube channel with more than 800k subscribers. He began attracting an audience in mid-2014 after he showcased his skateboarding skills in competitions such as Association of Skateboarders Hawaii and King of the Groms, and his stunning life in Honolulu, Hawaii. In 2017, he also took part in the Vans US Open skateboarding competition. Ben used YouTube as a platform to upload videos of girlfriend tags, a wide variety of challenges, pranks and prank calls, carpool karaoke, travel vlogs, and other content.

In 2016, he also began starring in his own YouTube series that he simply titled Ben Azelart, alongside his friends and , also social media stars. Ben also played the role of Bobby in 4 episodes of the web series Brobot in 2018 and had the lead role in web series Bucket List the same year, where he and his friends check off items during every episode. Ben has also garnered a large fanbase consisting of more than 200k followers on his personal Instagram and more than 20k followers on Twitter.

Sun Sign



Los Angeles, California, United States



Ben Azelart attended Kailua Intermediate School in Kailua, Honolulu County, Hawaii.


Ben Azelart is represented by AMP Studios (Talent Agent, Manager) in North Dallas, Texas, United States.

Girlfriend / Spouse

Ben Azelart has dated –

  1. – Even though Lexi is close friends with Lexi Rivera, fans had begun to wonder if Hensler was the one who was dating Ben in the past. The two would often appear in pictures together on Instagram and in one another’s videos. However, the rumors were put to an end when Lexi stated that she considered Ben as a little brother of hers.
  2. (2018-Present) – After the two collaborated in a wide variety of his and videos of his best friend, Brent Rivera, who was Lexi’s Brother, his audience noticed how close they have gotten. It didn’t help that the two appeared in many girlfriend tags and couple yoga challenges in 2018, which was when it was rumored that the two were dating, but without official confirmation. However, on February 24, 2019, Ben published a video titled dating my best friend’s sister for 24 hours… where he mentioned that she had no idea he would challenge her. Ben also added there was a possibility they could date for real after the day was over. This confused a majority of his fanbase, who thought that he was already dating Lexi for a while. Even though neither Ben nor Lexi made the situation clear immediately, they shared numerous pictures of going on dates and kissing each other in March and April 2019, leaving no further doubts.

Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • Tall, athletic physique
  • Slicked back haircut
  • Defined facial features

Brand Endorsements

Ben Azelart has endorsed brands such as –

  • Predator Helmets
  • Immortal Shoelace
  • DVS Shoes

Best Known For

  • Being a social media star with more than 3 million followers on Instagram and more than 800k subscribers on YouTube
  • Competing in the Association of Skateboarders Hawaii, King of the Groms, and Vans US Open 2017 skateboarding competitions
  • Starring in web series Brobot (2018) and Bucket List (2018)

First Web Show

Ben Azelart made his first web show appearance as himself in an episode of the YouTube series Brobot in 2018.

Personal Trainer

Despite not having a personal trainer or a consisted workout routine, Ben is a huge fan of open water and beaches. Besides skateboarding that he also competes in, he does a lot of surfing, , diving, hiking, cliff jumping, going down a water slide, and plays from time to time.

Ben Azelart Favorite Things

  • Avenger – Captain America
  • Singer –
  • Food – Pepperoni Pizza, Pasta
  • Movies – Stepbrothers (2008), Star Wars

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Ben Azelart Facts

  1. Despite being born in Texas, the United States, Ben, and his family lived in Honolulu County, Hawaii for years.
  2. He began skateboarding when he was 9 years old.
  3. An inspiration to start a YouTube channel started when he met another social media influencer, surfer Alex Hayes, and found his life very fun.
  4. Ben is deathly afraid of flying insects and cockroaches. Once he sees a bug fly in or appear in his room, he cannot sleep there unless he finds it.
  5. His biggest fear is drowning.
  6. Ben loves all animals but prefers dogs. He had no pets growing up, but if he could get a dog, it would be a Golden Retriever.
  7. He speaks fluent French, and his dad and paternal side of the family reside in France.
  8. Ben is good friends with and , who are also well-known social media stars.
  9. Despite starting his YouTube channel in June 2014, Ben didn’t post a video until August 2016, which was titled The Start Of My Youtube!.
  10. His favorite memory of 2018 was when he and his best friends drove from Los Angeles to Mexico spontaneously and hung out there for a while.
  11. His biggest pet peeves are busy traffic, which annoys him often in Los Angeles, California, as well as other people leaving the toilet seat up.
  12. Ben’s most embarrassing moment in late 2018 happened when he was boasting to his mom of his driving skills, and rear-ended his brother’s car. It took a long time for his mom to fully trust him with driving after that.
  13. He rarely watches TV shows but loves watching movies.
  14. Ben tried snowboarding while he was in Japan, and loved the experience.
  15. Ben uses the VSCO camera application on his phone to edit his photos.
  16. His dream date is watching a sunset on a remote island on a beach, with no one else but him, his girlfriend and lots of pizza.
  17. Ben is allergic to peanuts.
  18. He hates eating tomatoes, and always skips them when ordering a burger.
  19. During his Bucket List series that he began in 2018, he tried learning to fly a plane and a water jet-pack and dance salsa.
  20. He did a yoga challenge with Lexi Rivera in October 2018 and collaborated with the YouTuber to try out contortionism in February 2019.
  21. In May 2019, Ben tried being a dentist for a day, after he “switched lives” with his mom Jill.
  22. In early June 2019, Ben posted photoshopped pictures of him hanging out with. They were so convincing that even well-known content creators such as , , , and  couldn’t believe it.
  23. Follow him on , , and .

Featured Image by Ben Azelart / Instagram


Facts of Benjamin Azelart

  • Gender Male
  • full nameBenjamin Azelart
  • nicknamesBen
  • birthplaceTexas, United States
  • ethnicity / ethnic backgroundFrench
  • nationalityAmerican
  • net worth$500 million
  • professionSocial Media Star, Actor, Skateboarder
  • weight73 kg or 161 lbs
  • height5 ft 11 in or 180.5 cm
  • hair colorLight Brown
  • eye colorHazel
  • body type / buildAthletic
  • motherJill Azelart
  • fatherLionel Azelart
  • brothersJulien Azelart
  • favorite moviesStepbrothers (2008), Star Wars
  • favorite foodPepperoni Pizza, Pasta

Written by Joel S. Elkins

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