Breast implant normal in women these days. Cause?

Why are breast implants so popular?(source:

As the world is heading towards a more materialistic path, people are giving more and more attention to outer beauty. Indeed, looks constitute an important aspect of our personal and professional life. Because of this, women often decide to undergo cosmetic surgeries. And although these procedures were not as popular just a decade back, today it is a rising trend. Among all the cosmetic procedures available, breast implants are the most popular, here’s why.

 What exactly is a breast implant?

A breast implant or a breast augmentation is a surgical procedure used to change the shape, size or contour of the breast. It could be considered as a kind of prosthesis. Although mainly used for cosmetic purposes, breast implants can also be used in reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy. During the procedure, the surgeon may place implants made up of silicone, saline or alternative composite under the breast tissue or the muscles of the chest.

Is breast augmentation a satisfying procedure?

On average, breast implants last for about 7-10 years. This is indeed a long time and one of the reasons why this procedure has gained popularity today. According to a recent study published by the ASPS, 98% of the women who had got breast implants said that they were extremely happy with the results. Some said that they even exceeded their expectations. They said that the procedure boosted their self-confidence and played a significant role in improving their sex satisfaction.

How much time does the surgery usually take?

Another major reason for the popularity of breast implants is because the surgery is short and easy. The time taken is usually only 1-2 hours and you are not required to be admitted into the ward. You can go home after the procedure. You can do light work just within a few days and within a couple of weeks, you can even start exercising.

Are breast implants safe?

Under experienced hands, breast implants are usually safe. (source:

After this procedure started to gain popularity, several surveys were done to assess its safety. Now, this procedure has received approval from the FDA. Even in cases of rupture, silicone and saline implants have been proven safe. These implants have not been linked with diseases of the connected tissues either. So, people nowadays can go for these procedures with guaranteed safety.

 Can breast implants be customized according to specific preferences?

Yes! The main reason why breast implants are so popular is that these surgeries cater to differing needs. Everyone has varying taste and preferences. Today in the US, there are three manufacturers and seven different implants that have been approved by the FDA. Therefore, women can choose their own implant types, size, placements and shape in order to achieve the look that they think suits them best. The best thing is that even after these surgeries, the breasts look completely natural. If the surgery is performed by extremely skilled hands, it is impossible to recognize implanted breasts even by touch.    

Are there any complications linked to breast augmentation surgeries?

Unfortunately, when undergoing any kind of surgery, there are always risks of developing complications sometimes. In case of breast augmentation, risks include bleeding, hematoma, infection, and scarring, continuous pain, changes in sensation around the breast or nipple or faulty positioning of the implant. However, under strict aseptic conditions and under experienced hands, these risks are usually rare. 


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