Charlotte Crosby Breast Implants Removed For Medical and Health Reasons

Charlotte Crosby has been forced to have her breast implants removed for medical reasons.

The former Geordie Shore star, 28, went under the knife this week after suffering from agonizing pain in her breasts.

How Charlotte’s Breats Implants Was Removed??

It was reported that Charlotte underwent surgery after returning from a trip to Brazil with boyfriend Josh Ritchie, 24, with the whole ordeal, said to be captured for her MTV reality series, The Charlotte Show.

Charlotte’s implant removal comes after she had vehemently denied having a boob job in the past.

Charlotte Crosby(

A source revealed to The Sun: ‘Charlotte has been in quite severe pain with her breasts, one in particular.

‘She saw a specialist before Brazil and he diagnosed severe inflammation and capsular contracture – which is when the scar tissue around the implant inside the body gets tight and hard.

The publication also states that the star had her implants put in in 2017, at the same time as she had surgery to correct her symmastia aka ‘uni-boob’ –  which sees the breast merge across the breast bone.

However, the TV personality had doubts about having the boob job, with the source adding that Charlotte ‘bitterly regrets’ having the procedure.

Charlotte’s Present Time

The Geordie Shore beauty will now have to spend plenty of time resting at home while she recovers from her operation.

Luckily for the star, she has the support of loyal boyfriend Josh, with the former Love Island hunk having stood by Charlotte throughout her ordeal.

Charlotte’s medical drama will be played out on her MTV series later this year.

MailOnline has contacted representatives for Charlotte for comment.

Charlotte and Her Surgeries

The Just Tattoo Of Us host previously opened up about her symmastia during a 2017 appearance on This Morning and revealed the condition runs in her family.

Speaking about her surgeries, she told hosts, Holly Willoughby, and Phillip Schofield:

‘I’ve had my lips done and I’ve also had my nose done, and I’ve had my symmastia repaired.’

She also continued:

‘So I was born with congenital symmastia,’ to which Holly chimed in: ‘I know this because you used to call it your uni-boob.’

Charlotte then explained: ‘It’s where your boobs are joint in the middle and they don’t have a gap – it’s something I got from my mum because she’s got it as well.’

Last month, Charlotte sparked concern from fans over her surgically-enhanced features during her and Josh’s Brazilian getaway.

During their holiday, Charlotte caused concerned when she uploaded an Instagram snap showing her complexion, leading fans to ‘beg’ her to stop getting surgery.

The Mirror reported her recent Instagram post was awash with comments from fans begging her to ‘stop the surgery’ after undergoing both a nose and boob job, as well as lip filler over the last three to four years.

In the seemingly now-deleted comments, one follower is said to have written: ‘Poor girl her face is badly swollen. Is it an allergy?’

Another reportedly added: ‘She should have stopped with the surgery, Botox & fillers a long time ago.’

Charlotte Crosby with her boyfriend Josh Ritchie(

Charlotte has spoken candidly about her various surgeries in the past and in 2016 she unveiled her new nose after a rhinoplasty procedure.

Speaking about her decision to go under the knife, the reality star opened up to Heat magazine about why it was so important to her.

Charlotte admitted scrutiny from the show’s audiences drove her to have the surgery.

She told the publication:

‘It’s not like I can hide it. If I’d not been on TV, I’d never have got it done.

‘I do think [my nose] caused a lack of confidence, and you always compare yourself to other people who are on TV as well.’

She also added:

‘You just think, “I hate it”, especially on television. I think it’ll make a big difference to my life in terms of getting photographed and always being on the telly, not having to worry about where to stand or what angle to go from.’

What Is Symmastia?

Symmastia is when your breasts grow together, with little or no cleavage between them. Instead, there is a web of skin, fat, and tissue across the cleavage area. There are different degrees of this condition. Sometimes the lack of cleavage is less noticeable.

What Causes It?

That depends on which type you have.

Congenital Symmastia:

You are born with this condition. It is rare, and no one knows exactly what causes it.

Acquired or iatrogenic:

This type is still rare, but more common than the congenital kind. It is usually a complication of breast reconstruction or augmentation surgery. It can happen when breast implants are too close together, especially if they are too wide for you. There is a higher risk if you’ve had several breast reconstruction surgeries already.

Sometimes it results from an accidental cut during the implant process. Because there is no natural space in your breast to hold an implant, surgeons have to create a pocket for it. T

hey will probably use your own tissue from another body part. If that won’t work, they could try animal tissue, usually from a pig. The pocket should be the same size or slightly larger than the implant. If it is too big and the doctor makes cuts the wrong way, the two pockets can join together to form one large open space.

Prevention From Symmastia

If you want cosmetic breast surgery, there are steps you and your surgeon can take to make sure this condition does not happen to you. Discuss the type and size of the implant and if it is suited to your body. Also, make sure that your surgeon has done many similar surgeries before. This will lower the chances that they will make any mistakes.


Written by Anne W. Hansen

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