10 ways you can control your anger

Never let your anger get the better of you again! (source:

Anger is a normal emotion that everyone feels. It can even be constructive if used constructively. However, the main challenge is to be able to control your anger. Once you master that art, you are ready to face anything at all. So let us tell you 10 ways in though which you can control your anger.

Take deep breaths

You might have noticed that when you get angry, your pattern of breathing becomes faster and shallower. In such a way, your emotions control your breathing. However, not many are aware that if you get control of your breathing, you can control your emotions too- a sort of vice versa situation. So, the next time you find yourself getting worked up about something, stop and take deep breaths through your nose while exhaling from your mouth.

Reduce your stress levels

If you observe yourself carefully, you will find that the more stresses you have in life, the most likely it is that you get angry over small things. There are definitely various stresses in life but try your best to manage them or cut them out completely- always remember to put your mental health before materialistic desires. In addition, you can also take up a physical activities such as yoga, exercise or simply jogging since these help to reduce stress. The next time you experience anger, try to just take a long walk and see the difference yourself!

Do not speak, wait till you’re calm

The famous quote “Don’t make promises when you’re happy and decisions when you’re angry” still stands true today.  When angry, your mind is unable to think rationally, so it is best not to say or do anything in the heat of the moment. Give yourself time; wait till you’ve thought everything through calmly before taking your next step. It is definitely a little difficult to wait, but even more difficult to regret. After thinking carefully, state your worries, concerns and needs clearly and assertively.

Let go of the grudges

Holding grudges seems like an easy thing to do, but it is harmful in the long run. When you hold grudges, these thoughts will shroud your thoughts and have a negative impact on your life. Although forgiveness can be difficult to learn, it is eventually what gives you peace of mind. Always remember that everyone makes mistakes and it is better to talk things out than to hold grudges.

Use humor as a tool

Humor is a useful tool when it comes to diffusing tension. It allows you to state what is bothering you, but in a more light-hearted way. However, it is best not to opt for sarcasm, as this can be rather hurtful and might worsen things.

Be empathetic

Have you ever fumed over a car cutting lanes and whizzing past you. “What an ill-mannered driver!” you may have thought with your blood pressure rising. However, have you ever thought that the person might be whizzing past due to an emergency? Maybe her daughter is being taken to the hospital. We don’t really know the reason. But it is always helpful if you are more forgiving and empathetic towards others during the situation. Understand that everyone has their own hurdles and difficulties in life.

Express your anger constructively

Being angry is not a sin and expressing it is rather important for your mental health. However, the catch is to express this anger in a mature, constructive way. Do not shout, fight or belittle anyone under the influence of your anger. Express exactly what you are feeling in mature language and soothing tone while being mindful of everyone around you. You can also try and express your anger through creative forms such as poetry, short stories or artwork.

Stretch your muscles

Your muscles carry a lot of tension and thus, stretching them out can be a helpful way to relax. You can also go for massages if it seems to help you relax your body and mind.

Talk to a friend

It isn’t good to keep your feelings bottled up. Often times, all we need is a caring ear to actually listen to everything we have to say. That is why simply talking to someone who cares about us can help let out all our anger and frustrations. If you have no one to confide in, a good way is to keep a journal or diary and pour out all your feelings into it. You might also want to opt for professional help if you feel like your anger is getting out of hand.

Listen to music

Music can be a beautiful escape from reality. Listening to calming music can help influence your mood in the same way. Once you start feeling angry, simply put on your earphones, hum along and help calm your mind before you do anything irrational.



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