Dear New Moms, isn’t your baby giving you eye contact? These might be the possible causes!!!

Its a wonderful feeling for a mother when a baby starts to look and smiles at your face. Usually child starts to look and smiles at mother’s face by 3 months of age .If you feel your child not looking at your face and not responding to your facial expressions even after 4 months of age these can be the possible causes:

1.Your child might have delayed milestones: Try to know all the normal milestones of normal baby and try to check the milestones of baby to prevent your child from having further complications

2.Your child might be autistic: Autism is a serious developmental disorder which impairs the ability to interact and communicate in which one of the most common problem in child is poor eye contact.

3.Your child might have less vision: If your child is having refractive error (glass power) then due to less clarity in eye they might not give eye contact

4.Your child might have cerebral visual impairment: Cerebral visual impairment is defined as a visual loss which can be due to affected visual pathway or visual processing centers of brain where baby lacks in giving eye contact

5.Your child might have ocular pathologies: Ocular pathologies includes damaged or underdeveloped parts in eyes which affects the vision as a result child looses concentration and fails to give your eye contact


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