Do you also eat food while you are in bed? If so then you must know this

Health is not just a shortage of diseases. Knowing about all-party health is important to us. Health means different things to different people. But if we are talking about a global outlook, then calling ourselves healthy is about successfully managing all the social, physical and emotional challenges in our lives. While today, many modern technologies are present to keep themselves healthy, but not all of them are as effective.

Today, many people leave the dining table at home and put a paper on the bed and eat. But eating habits in bed can hurt people in many ways. If you too are in bed, eat what you know.


There may be a problem with people sleeping on the bed, who cannot sleep. Because eating on the bed can have a negative effect on the body. The mind is completely restless. And in this case many times there is a risk of major illnesses due to lack of sleep, so do not eat on the bed.

Learn scientific reasons

For many scientific reasons, bed food should not be eaten. It is believed that most of the beds are made of cotton. Cotton is called a barrier to energy flow. The bed will not allow the liver to lose its strength. Causing our digestive system to break down. The body suffers from indigestion, gas, abdominal pain, stomach problems.

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Eating errors that adversely affects health

Some common behaviors can adversely affect our health. For example, the style of eating, bathing, walking, sleeping, sitting.

What is commonly said is that a healthy routine should be followed for a healthy life. It means not only how to eat, but also how to eat. Not just where to walk, but how to say it makes sense. Not just how often you sleep, but how you sleep.

A proper diet is important for a healthy routine. Along with this, there should be a proper way of eating, sleeping, way of living.

What do you do with food and what not to do?

  • Avoid talking while eating. Avoid eating while wearing shoes, watching and listening to bad things.
  • Sleep immediately after eating causes many types of diseases. It is best to eat mustard after eating the food, as it will strengthen the digestive tract. After eating, you should not meditate, exercise or oil your body.
  • It is a known fact that if you eat less you will live longer.

Is it okay to walk immediately after eating food?

Walking immediately after eating is not good. Because it affects blood circulation. In this way the digestion process is not correct. It is best to take a stroll only half an hour after eating.

Is it okay to drink tea immediately after eating?

Do not drink tea within two hours of eating. Because the tea leaves contain acidic ingredients. Therefore, after drinking tea immediately after eating, protein digestion does not occur properly.

Is it ok to eat fruits with food?

Fruit can be consumed only after one hour of eating. Immediately after eating food, it is difficult to digest the fruits. Its nutrition is not accepted by the body. As a result, there may be problems with acidity or dysfunction.

What can be done right after eating?

Drinking tea, coffee or water right after eating food is not okay. However, before eating and after eating, it is better to drink a little water, which will help to digest. Even after eating a meal or staying in a sleeping position is not conducive to the digestive tract. It’s best to sit in a normal position for at least five minutes.

Here are some tips

  • It is advisable to use ghee-oil and other greases as little as possible.
  • Pure coconut oil is best for cooking.
  • Salt should not be used more than 1 to 5 grams daily. Add salt and give up eating habits.
  • Green greens benefit from morning and evening meals.
  • Fruits should be eaten at least once daily.
  • The evening meal should consist of 3-5 pieces of dry wheat bread, greens, and seasonal vegetables.
  • The evening meal should be eaten at 8 pm.
  • In the morning one should only eat rice.
  • The amount of food is not the same for everyone. Those who increase physical labor should eat more and those who work less should eat less.
  • After dinner, you should not sleep for at least two hours.
  • Being vegetarian is beneficial for the heart. But eating fish regularly does not hurt. Eating Mutton, Buff and Pork raises cholesterol a lot.
  • You need to learn how to cook fish and poultry using less oil. Such food does not harm. Fish should be used only in the morning and at lunch. In the evening it is best not to eat meat.
  • High-fat foods benefit the heart. The major sources of fiber in the food are wheat, rye, green leafy vegetables.
  • It is more beneficial to eat legumes. Pepper, lettuce, barley, corn also benefits the heart.
  • It is advisable to eat a few meals several times a day.
  • Eating only two bites is dangerous for the heart, with fasting and subsequent sleeping habits. Therefore, the diet should be administered by eating a small but often appropriate diet.
  • In the evening, eating one pot of garlic daily is beneficial. It reduces blood cholesterol, as does aspirin, making the blood thinner.

Written by Joel S. Elkins

Jhene Aiko

James Brown