Foods for Glowing Skin and Better Health

Glowing skin is not hard to achieve when you eat the right foods!

I am sure you, just like a lot of us, dream of achieving nice, glowing, healthy-looking, clear and blemish- skin. Although there are some people who are genetically blessed, a large majority of us aren’t as lucky when it comes to good skin. However, here’s the positive news- glowing skin isn’t a miracle, it is a result of a lot of commitment. Adequate physical activity, proper usage of skin products and water intake are all extremely important for this. However, perhaps the most important factor that plays a role in maintaining good skin is nutrition. After all, you are what you eat. So here we give you some foods for glowing skin and better health. Are you ready?


Walnuts are rich in antioxidants, vitamin E and B complex vitamins. These compounds then act to stabilize all the free radicals of the body and stops those radicals from harming the skin. Due to this, eating walnuts will help you reduce signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines while keeping your skin glowing. Along with this, walnuts also help to keep your skin moisturized and to reduce dark circles and eye puffiness- definitely helpful on days when you’ve had to pull off some tough all-nighters! Walnut face packs can also come in handy.


But that’s not all. Walnuts have several other benefits to offer to you. They’re a miracle food for your hair. Not only do walnuts promote hair growth, they also help keep your hair healthier and shinier while preventing dandruff. Along with all of this, walnuts are also known to lower low density lipoproteins (i.e- bad cholesterols) while increasing the levels of high density lipoproteins (good cholesterols) in the blood. They also accelerate weight loss. So, just with the consumption of walnuts, you improve your heart health too. Furthermore, mega-3 fatty acids in walnuts help increase your attention span and to improve your memory power. The phosphorus and copper present in walnuts also maintain bone strength by increasing calcium absorption. So many advantages from one food- you have to try it out!

Fatty Fish

Fatty fish contain omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for maintaining skin moisture. Not only that, omega-3 fatty acids help reduce the skin’s sensitivity to UV rays and also reduces skin. Inflammation. Fatty fish also contain vitamin E, which as mentioned above, is an important anti-oxidant for fighting off free radicals. Thus, consumption of fishes such as sardines, herring, salmon and mackerel are bound to keep your skin healthy-looking and fresh.

Fatty fish

But here’s more reasons to include fatty fish in your diet. They reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, cancers and inflammatory conditions (such as psoriasis and arthritis). The omega-3 fatty acids also promote brain health and help to keep you protected against dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. So hey, the next time you go to a restaurant, why not replace your fatty meat products with fish? Just as much deliciousness, but without the high levels of saturated fats! Win-win!



Lemons, with their burst of acidity, are a great food for consumption in terms of taste as well as health benefits. They contain citric acid, phosphorus vitamin C and vitamin B.  These compounds are said to promote skin lightening for blemish and spot-free skin. Along with this, they help retain your natural glow while maintaining your natural oil balance. They also cleanse your pores. The great thing about lemons is that they are also amazing when applied on the skin. Many people around the world use face packs and home remedies with lemons as an ingredient. However, you must always remember that everyone’s skin is different and those remedies may not work for you- always do a patch test before applying them on a large area of skin.

Furthermore, lemons improve your digestion and help keep your weight in check. Lemon juice in warm water can also be used as a remedy for muscle and joint pain. They also. The hesperidin and diosmin present in lemons lower your cholesterol levels. This decreases your risk of developing stoke and cardiovascular disease. By increasing urinary pH and volume, lemons also decrease the risk of renal stone formation.



Avocados contain several important compounds that are beneficial for the skin. Firstly, avocados contain vitamin C and E which protect your skin from harmful UV rays from the sun. They can also reduce skin inflammations. Along with this, these vitamins also help to prevent wrinkles and fine lines. The oleic acid and other healthy fats in avocado are great for maintaining skin moisture. Avocados also contain linoleic acid which is linked to decreased acne. Not only this, avocados also help to accelerate wound healing.

Avocados also increase absorption of other antioxidants. Atop this, they can increase good cholesterol levels which reduce your risks of cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, they lower the risk of developing depression, gum diseases, liver damage and neurodegenerative diseases. They also keep your eyes healthy and to maintain your BMI. Avocados are also useful during pregnancy because they improve breast milk quality and overall maternal health.



Carrots are one of the best food for attaining glowing skin. They contain vitamin A and vitamin C. The former is essential for maintaining body tissues and bones. The latter helps prevent acne and dark spots. They increase collagen production while decreasing cell degeneration. They also provide protection against harmful UV rays.

Carrots also increase the rate of wound healing. In addition, they help to improve vision and maintain proper digestion. They also fight cancer and help in prevention of several neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases. It has also been said that carrots have a role to play in the prevention of diabetes.




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