Here are some of the Benefits of applying regular Oil on the Hair

Hair is considered as jewelry for women. Not only women but hair is the identity of the beauty of men. Dust, smoke, sunlight, irritation, side effects of medicine or lack of proper nutrition in the diet can cause problems in our hair.

Men are not particularly interested in maintaining their hair. But women are always careful about their hair. Proper hair care is needed to make the hair healthy, strong, shiny, soft and prevent it from falling.

Massaging the hair with oil for at least two minutes a week for 5 minutes will help. This, in turn, nourishes the roots of our hair and reduces the chances of hair fall, breakage. Regular massage can strengthen the roots of the hair as well as make the hair long and beautiful.

Applying oil increases blood flow to the veins of the head and leads to better sleep. Massage oils to the roots of the hair will not accumulate dust and dirt on the hair and will help protect our hair from contamination and maintain health.


Oil is very useful for dry hair. Regular oiling removes the dryness of our hair and protects the silk from breaking the branches. Oil can help our hair grow faster by removing hair dandruff.

Hair grows quickly and shines. So if it is not possible to apply oil on your hair, give your hair time for at least two minutes a week for 5 minutes from today.

We have provided some related information below:

Is your hair rough? If so, you can easily soften it this way

  • Washing the hair by soaking the lentils in water will make the hair soft and shiny.
  • Boil a tablespoon of tea leaves in a glass of water for some time. Add lemon juice to it. This kind of bleach will bring a glow to the hair when it is washed.
  • Take a glass of beer and apply it to your hair like a conditioner. It makes the hair shiny.
  • If the hair is dry, however, if you do not feel comfortable to pack, then add two tablespoons of honey and two tablespoons of rum in water to wash the hair. It also makes the hair soft and shiny.
  • It is best not to over-use different types of chemicals in the hair. Chemical staining, coloring, etc. can make the hair hard and affect the long term.

1. How does hair fall

Up to 6 hairs fall on any given day. If your hair is long and has to be washed once in three days, it should be normal for hair to appear in the bathroom (in the bathtub) when bathing. It is possible to grow hair from the roots of these fallen hairs. In some cases, there are a lot of falls, but only a few do begin to grow. This process appears earlier in men than in women

Naturally, this process starts in the male at 3 years and in the female at the age of 6. We usually do not feel particularly worried until the hair follicles are reduced to about 50%. The cause of the hair fall can be many.

The first scarring (the hair follicle is destroyed) and the second non-scarring (hair follicle not destroyed). Scarring occurs very rarely and treatment is not possible if the hair has been removed from this problem. About 9-90% of them are non-scarring and have a cure. In this post, I will write only about non-scarring.

* Androgenetic (due to androgen hormone and genes): It is hereditary. In men and women, where there is a receptor of androgen hormone, this hormone (testosterone -> DHT) has more effect and causes hair loss.

* Alopecia areata (Problem with hair loss in a circular shape like a coin): This disease is invaded by the immune system of the body when it attacks the cells of the body.

* Telogen effluvium (hair loss for a few months due to body hormones, medications, blood deficiency, life stress, iron deficiency, nutritional deficiencies, childbirth, etc.)

* Trichotillomania (having different types of mental problems): Stress, tingling, or anxiety in the heart.

2. What are the remedies for hair loss problem?

Since hair loss is natural, hair loss cannot be completely prevented. Medicines mainly work in two ways: (1) reduce hair loss, (2) rejuvenate the hair that is still alive, and begin the process as described below.

If the eyebrows and other parts of the body suddenly start to fall apart once suddenly, then start Biotin vitamin first.

If you do not stop eating for 6 months, you will stop going to the doctor immediately.

Apply Minoxidil foam 1% once a day for androgenetic hair loss. This prevents hair from falling further and can cause hair growth to a certain extent. Can be consumed with Minoxidil or with a separate Finasteride drug. One should not eat without a doctor’s prescription and women should not eat finasteride. Using the above-mentioned medicine for 2-3 months does not produce any good results. A Laser Energy to be used.

This laser can be used at home or at the doctor’s office for 7 days a week. Laser energy reactivates the hair follicles for a long period of time, but overseas our body’s own platelet (blood).  When Platelet-rich plasma, (a concentrate of platelet-rich plasma protein derived from whole blood) is applied to the root of the hair with a needle, it causes the hair to grow back from the roots that have grown. If it doesn’t work then we can also do hair transplant.

Alopecia areata should be used with Triamcinolone, Cyclosporine, Anthralin, and other oral medications and injections. All of these medicines should be used under the direct supervision of a doctor.

For telogen effluvium, one should first identify the disease or condition or cause of the deficiency and treat the underlying factor. Blood tests should be performed to detect the disease. Often the amount of CBC, hormone (thyroid, testosterone), ANA, Iron, etc. Examine someone else’s hair to pull you and a handful of people who have no hair loss. If you have too much leftover you may have this problem. It is best not to have more than 5 hair pulled at the same time. If more than 5 are left and you are having hair loss then you should go to the doctor immediately.

If you have trichotillomania, you should go to a psychiatrist

3. Does the hot water make the hair fall when bathing?

In hot water and hot air, hair may fall more often than cold water and cold weather, but the hair that falls in it will grow again.

4. Can the hair be transplanted even in case of baldness?

Many hairs that are matched and transplanted remain for years. Transplanting hairs are transplanted on the palate or beyond, just above the ear of your head and back of the head. Because of the root of your body’s hair, the body reacts after transplant. It does not have to be taken and does not require any reaction


Written by Joel S. Elkins

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