Jennifer Syme

Jennifer Syme was an energetic on-screen character, in an upbeat association with co-entertainer Keanu Reeves and expecting a child before tragedy struck. The person who might have been Ava Syme kicked the bucket in her mom’s belly and made untold torment her mum and in an offer to discover help, Jennifer took to drugs (stimulants).

The torment and despondency of losing a youngster drove the couple to part as it appeared their adoration wasn’t set up for such a test. In any case, the two on-screen characters remained companions before Jennifer’s medication misuse, in the long run, prompted her initial death.

Jennifer Syme Bio, Age :

Jennifer Syme was conceived Jennifer Marie Syme at Pico Rivera, South East Los Angeles on December 7, 1972. She was the single offspring of Maria St. John and Charles Syme. Charles was a resigned expressway cop in California. Her parent’s marriage was rough and they later isolated which implied Jennifer burned through the vast majority of her adolescence with her mom in the waterfront city of Laguna Beach. There, she built up her adoration for nourishment, music and gathering collectibles. At the point when she was 18, she and her mom moved to Los Angeles in an offer to change their environment.

Jennifer Syme Height :

Jennifer Syme had a height of 5 feet 7 inches and weighed 60 kg.

Jennifer Syme Career :

There are no records of her participation in any secondary school or tertiary foundation, be that as it may, what we are aware of her working life started when she moved to Los Angeles and found an occupation as an individual partner to David Lynch, the prestigious executive, and filmmaker – who later portrayed Jennifer Syme as a lively youthful lady.

Her work with Lynch began when he was delivering the ABC loathsomeness arrangement Twin Peaks. She solicited to be part of the generation and was employed as an understudy at his organization, Asymmetrical Productions. She was a devoted individual from the group and gave unlimited contributions for the accomplishment of most productions.

Jennifer Syme before long built up an enthusiasm for acting and started including in films created by her chief. She highlighted in the 1993 film, Lost Highway. In the film, she played the character of a medication someone who is addicted. While filling in as an on-screen character, she met and turned out to be dear companions with Scott Coffey. He was additionally a producer and her kinship with him prompted her appearance in one of his films titled Elle Parker. It was a comic depiction of a young lady in Los Angeles, attempting to fit into the contemporary existence of the city. The motion picture was created and discharged in 2005, four years after her pitiful demise.

Jennifer Syme didn’t highlight in further movies however proceeded to likewise turn into an individual aide to the well-known artist Dave Navarro.

Was Jennifer Syme Keanu Reeves’ Wife?

Even however the vast majority allude to Jennifer Syme as the spouse of the Hollywood A-rundown Canadian entertainer Keanu Reeves, he never got the chance to really make her his better half in spite of the way that she had his kid, howbeit stillborn. The heartbreaking loss of their youngster flung a wedge in their relationship which saw them float separated and all of a sudden got alienated, weeks after the dismal incident.

Jennifer Syme began dating Keanu Reeves in 1998 after they met at a gathering sorted out in his band’s (Dog Star) respect. In spite of her sweetheart’s purpose to stay quiet about it, their relationship grabbed the eye of the media and was everywhere throughout the sensationalist newspapers. This was primarily on the grounds that Keanu was at the pinnacle of his profession at the time, along these lines, any report about him was media gold.

It wasn’t well before Jennifer Syme took in and was anticipating a youngster. Keanu got her a house when he learned she was pregnant. In any case, mishap struck when Jennifer saw that she had not felt the infant move for soe time. A specialist was counseled and an ultra sweep was done to determine the issue. The output demonstrated that her eight-month unborn youngster, who was to be named Ava Bowman Reeves was dead. The stillborn youngster was precisely expelled and covered which didn’t go well with her mom. She went into gloom and intensely depended on solution pills for dozing and relaxation.

The passing of the kid additionally influenced her association with Reeves as she parted ways with him in 2000. Jennifer Syme was still during the time spent recouping and recovering her life on track when her granddad kicked the bucket and afterward she was driven further into depression.

Jennifer Syme Cause of Death :

Jennifer Syme was just 28 when she was grabbed by the virus’s hands of death. It was a dismal day for her family when their single kid kicked the bucket in a fender bender, probably on her way to a gathering at Cahuenga Boulevard in Los Angeles. Jennifer was welcomed to a gathering composed by the performer, on April 1, 2001. It was accounted for that she left the gathering before to return home and was driven by one of the visitors.

Nonetheless, in spite of being inebriated, she endeavored to come back to the gathering setting (for no good reason), driving her 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee yet never got to her goal; she collided with two or three left vehicles, was slightly launched out from the vehicle by the mishap and right away kicked the bucket from the wounds she sustained.

An examination was directed after her demise to conclude the reason, the agents discovered white substance moved up in dollar greenbacks and remedy pills. An examination directed on Jennifer’s carcass indicated that she was vigorously intoxicated at the hour of her death.


Facts of Jennifer Syme

  • Gender Female
  • birthplacePico Rivera, South East Los Angeles
  • Date of Birth December 07, 1972
  • Horoscope Sagittarius
  • Lucky Number 11
  • Lucky Stone Turquoise
  • Lucky Color Orange
  • Best Match for Marriage Leo, Aquarius
  • date of death2001-04-02
  • ethnicity / ethnic backgroundWhite
  • nationalityAmerican
  • weight60 kg
  • height5 feet 7 inches

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