Juan Gabriel

Juan Gabriel was a noticeable Mexican on-screen character/artist/lyricist acclaimed for being one of Latin America’s top of the line performers/musician. Likewise acclaimed for his famous tunes and showy style, the artist, until this point in time, is viewed as the lord of the Mexican pop and a significant effect on a few achieved vocalists over the world. Juan is viewed as one of the most productive Mexican stage stars ever, having carried on with his life through the receiver from the year 1971 to 2016, when he drew his last breath.

Juan Gabriel Bio, Age :

Professionally known as Juan Gabriel, Juan of favored memory was conceived Alberto Aguilera Valadez on January 7, 1950, in Paracuaro, Michoacán, Mexico, to laborers Victoria Valadez (mother) and Gabriel Aguilera (father). He was a noticeable musician, vocalist, on-screen character conceived as the tenth offspring of his folks. At the point when Gabriel was scarcely three months old, his father erroneously consumed an outside land, which started his nerves and drove him to nearly end his life. He was later brought to the prison and admitted to a mental emergency clinic in Mexico City. After some time, nothing was found out about Gabriel, as it isn’t known whether he kicked the bucket or got away from jail. His vanishing offered to ascend to numerous issues in his family and furthermore constrained his better half to move to Ciudad Juarez with all her kids.

Getting to Ciudad Juarez, Juan’s mother began filling in as a servant and later sent him to an all-inclusive school at 5 years old. It was during his stay in school that Alberto met an educator called Juan Contreras, who instructed him to play the guitar and sing as well.

Juan Gabriel Career

Juan Gabriel started composing melodies around the evening time at thirteen years old. He inevitably left his home at sixteen years old to concentrate more on his energy. He started singing in ensembles, dance club, eateries, and occasion focus. Not long after, he chose to secure the eventual fate of his melodic vocation in Mexico yet he was dismissed by many record marks who thought his tunes were straightforward and that they were not needing all the more pop artists. Juan would come back to Juarez to get unspecialized temp jobs, after which he moved to Mexico to attempt his karma once more. This time, he was enlisted as a reinforcement artist for a few striking musicians.

While going to a companion’s birthday party in the city, he was captured after he was wrongly blamed for burglary. Gabriel went through one year and a half year in jail, where his way crossed with the jail’s chief, who got moved by his story and acquainted Gabriel with eminent Mexican entertainer/artist Enriqueta, who might assist him with recapturing his freedom.

Upon his discharge, Alberto began banding together with the record label, RCA Victor under the stage name Juan (Gabriel and Juan out of appreciation for his dad and educator separately). Gabriel dropped his presentation collection titled: ‘El alma joven’ in 1971. Before his passing, Juan had sold more than 100 million duplicates, 66 collections, in excess of 1,800 melodies, has a television arrangement dependent on his life and two motion pictures to his name. Among his most striking wrote tunes are El Noa, Te sigo amando, Love eterno, Yo no nací para amar, Siempre en mi mente, among others.

Juan Gabriel is considered as one of the greatest melodic impacts to numerous Mexican and melodic stars, including and not constrained to vocalist lyricist, Julieta Venegas, and artist Marc Anthony.

Juan Gabriel Family – Kids

Despite his notoriety and achievement that rose above ages, outskirts, and social classes, Juan Gabriel kicked the bucket without getting married with any lady, despite the fact that he fathered six kids before death came knocking.

According to sources, the pop icon conceived four kids; Jean Gabriel, Joan Gabriel, Iván Gabriel, and Hans Gabriel via manual semen injection with a nearby female companion known as Laura Salas. Be that as it may, about a month after his passing, it was found that the artist had a fifth posterity, a child called Luis Alberto Aguilera. As authenticated by the news program, Groundwork Impacto, Gabriel kept a long-separation association with Luis who is now living in Las Vegas and is the child of Guadalupe Gonzalez, Juan’s previous residential laborer.

The artist’s supposed seventh youngster, Joao Gabriel was therefore found by a similar news program on October 26, 2016. Preliminary Impacto detailed that Consuelo Rosales is the mother of the Los Angeles, California-based youngster and that Rosales once served Juan as a household employee.

It was additionally discovered that the hereditary material utilized in directing hereditary testing on Luis Alberto and Joao was given by the vocalist’s sibling, Pablo Aguilera. Data about Gabriel’s alleged kids have, in any case, not been authenticated legitimately as it’s been considered as paper speculations.

Juan Gabriel Net Worth :

He had a net worth of $30 million.


The Mexican vocalist died because of a coronary episode he endured on the 28th of August 2016, in Santa Monica, California. His demise shook Mexico and furthermore stunned other Spanish-talking nations. In their individual explanations via web-based networking media, the leaders of the US and Venezuela mourned with Juan’s family while Mexico’s leader requested that the vocalist be honored at the notorious Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico. Juan’s body was later incinerated and his remains were let go at his own home in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua. His family selected not to play out a post-mortem examination to decide the accurate reason for his death.


Facts of Juan Gabriel

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