Justin Bieber’s wife likely to “DIVORCE” him

It looks like Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin might be next to divorce. Although the couple tied knot secretly recently, they might be direct toward a separation with the way things are going for them.

Here are all the reasons why we think the couple might be splitting up soon:


The relation between Hailey and Justin continue to seem unstable as they struggle to get used to daily life while handling their personal mental health struggles.

“I think your mental health should be number one, and it falls to the side a lot,” Hailey told People magazine recently.

Hailey said she’s been “eating right, drinking a lot of water and working out.” “The sound of the ocean, being in the sun, there are so many things that are healthy about the beach to me.”

Hailey arguing with Justin(source: dailymail)

Of course, the beach was the spot of Hailey and Justin’s latest fight, which left Justin completely glum, lying face-down in the grass to avoid confrontation.


Justin with his wife Hailey (Standard Evening)

It’s known to all that Justin hasn’t been doing well. Recently, he began seeking treatment for depression, and he’s been very straight forward about his nasty past that leads to affect his current marriage to Hailey.

It’s obscure what, if anything, has to lead this dip in Justin’s mental health. It could be his gap from music, his marriage to Hailey, or something else wholly.


Recently, if you’ve noticed that Justin has seemed gloomy then you would be right. The heartthrob singer has been struggling a bit. Justin is also receiving treatment to help with his mental state at present.

According to sources, Justin is “emotional and struggles a lot with the idea of fame.”

However, they urge the singer’s hardship do have nothing with Hailey. It is hard to believe how his prevailing emotional state could not be affected by his relationship.

The sources are telling that his current endeavors can be directly associated with his fame. “Having this magnificent amount of stardom completely changed him,” the sources said.

“Being followed, having his every move stalked by fans, cameras in his face. It all sets him off and he usually feels like everyone is out to get him.”

Whatever the cause, Justin is now getting counseling and is possibly confident he will feel better soon.


In a super juicy interview with Vogue, Justin confessed that the couple’s surge to get married had to do with his lust to have sex with Hailey.

At the time, Justin was following celibacy after perceived he had a legitimate problem with sex. When Justin and Hailey patched up, he discerned what he was missing.

“When I saw her last June, I just forgot how much I loved her and how much I missed her and how much of a positive impact she made on my life,” Beiber said.

“I was like, Holy cow, this is what I’ve been looking for.”

Justin also actualized he was ready to have sex again. But probably, he wanted to be married to do it, so they went off to the courthouse!

“The thing is, marriage is very hard,” Hailey said.

The couple is though engaging their first melodramatic breakup, and moving in together has intended to more problems.


Written by Anne W. Hansen

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