Kennedy Claire Walsh Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Kennedy Claire Walsh is an American YouTuber, body painter, and Instagram model who is prominently known for the personal vlogs, celebrity photo re-creations, fashion tips, makeup routines, do-overs, and other fun content that she uploads to her eponymous YouTube channel. She is also noted to be the sister of YouTuber and model Brandon and Claudia Walsh. Kennedy is also known for the pictures that she uploads of herself on Instagram. On the other hand, she also possesses an impressive talent for body painting. With time, her fan following has risen to more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube, more than 1 million followers on her official Instagram account, more than 300k followers on her secondary Instagram account, and more than 200k followers on Twitter.


Tampa, Florida, United States



Kennedy prefers to self-manage her career.

Boyfriend / Spouse

Kennedy Walsh has dated –

  1. Jerm Bot (2019) – Kennedy and social media star Jerm Bot were rumored to have been dating one another in the past. They even appeared in pictures on his Instagram together. However, apart from that, there is not much known about whether they were dating one another.

Sexual Orientation

Distinctive Features

  • Beautiful eyes
  • Thick eyebrows
  • Nubian nose

Brand Endorsements

Through her social media, she has either endorsed or promoted various brands such as Zaful.

Best Known For

  • Uploading personal vlogs, celebrity photo re-creations, fashion tips, makeup routines, do-overs, and other fun content that she uploads to her eponymous YouTube channel that has more than 2 million subscribers
  • Being the younger sister of social media stars Claudia and Brandon Walsh
  • The aesthetic pictures that she uploads to her eponymous Instagram account

Makeup Routine

Kennedy begins her makeup routine by moisturizing her skin and then applying a concealer. Thereafter, she applies powder and puts on a lip balm. Then, she applies a bronzer, followed by blush and highlighter. Later, she applies a bronzer in the crease of her eyes. Then, she puts a little shimmer on the inner side of her eyes before putting mascara.

Thereafter, she finishes her routine with a lip liner and gloss to make her lips look plump.

Beauty Routine

Kennedy does do her makeup almost every day. However, in order to keep her skin glowing and shining, she uses a lot of moisturizers as it tends to get dry very fast.

Kennedy Claire Walsh Favorite Things

  • Cosmetic – Blush, Highlighter
  • Video On Her Channel – Beach Day In The Life w/ My Mom

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Kennedy Claire Walsh Facts

  1. She is the youngest of 3 siblings.
  2. Kennedy moved to Tampa, Florida in early 2019. Prior to that, she lived with her sister Claudia and her mother Jen.
  3. She was in elementary school when she got hit by a car. However, she escaped with only minor bruises.
  4. The entire Walsh family has YouTube channels. Kennedy is the most popular one though as of September 2019. Besides the 3 siblings, her father runs a channel titled “papawalsh7” to which, he uploads challenges and self-defense instructions, whereas, her mother’s channel is titled “Jen The Body Painter.” She uploads body painting videos which often feature Kennedy helping her out paint on model’s bodies.
  5. She and her mother Jen once body painted a model who walked in a mall and went almost unnoticed most of the time.
  6. Kennedy worked at a restaurant in the past. However, given her shy nature, she quit the job after a year.
  7. On October 17, 2018, she was featured on singer and songwriter Nick Cause’s music video based on her. It was titled Kennedy Claire Walsh.
  8. Kennedy started her eponymous YouTube channel in January 2011. However, the first video that she uploaded was in 2018 and was titled “What PROM is REALLY like (prom vlog)”. Until September 2019, it had been viewed more than 900k times.
  9. In January 2019, Kennedy’s older brother uploaded a video to his channel titled “Why My Parents Got Divorced.” In the video, he mentioned about him being 8 years old when they parted ways. Hence, Kennedy was only 2 years old at the time of her parent’s separation.
  10. A secret talent of Kennedy’s is that she has a wonderful singing vocal ability. Besides that, she is also an amazing sketch artist and body painter.
  11. As of 2019, a few of her most viewed content were “I Let Guys on Tinder Pick my Makeup” (2018), “Recreating Iconic Pictures of Megan Fox” (2018), “I Let Tinder Pick my ASMR” (2018), and “Black to Pink Hair Transformation” (2018).
  12. She enjoys staying at home and feels most comfortable around her family due to her introvert nature.
  13. Kennedy was once hit on by a YouTuber.
  14. At the age of 12, she made a Glee fan account on Twitter.
  15. During her younger days, she was a huge fan of English YouTuber Zoella and singer and songwriter .
  16. She once admitted to only focusing much on her hair and makeup because the outfits she bought were nothing to fancy.
  17. In April 2019, Kennedy stated in a video that she did not want to have children.
  18. As of April 2019, she had never had a celebrity crush and neither had she dated anyone. However, she is attracted to singer and songwriter .
  19. Kennedy suffers from anxiety. In order to deal with it, she reads, watches movies, TV shows, sits in her balcony, and takes hot showers.
  20. She is an avid reader and does not like being around people as she believes that they ruin her vibe.
  21. In July 2018, she had crossed the 100k subscriber mark on YouTube. Within a years time, by September 2019, she had more than 1.3 million subscribers.
  22. Kennedy learned how to ride a bike at the age of 19.
  23. In May 2019, she attended her first-ever concert which was of Ariana Grande.
  24. Growing up, she was very insecure about her lack of confidence when talking to people whom she did not know.
  25. She maintains her daily journal in which she mostly writes about things that hurt her.
  26. Kennedy became a YouTuber as soon as she finished high school.
  27. She dislikes TikTok.
  28. In January 2019, she was admitted into a hospital for a week after falling sick while on her way back home in a plane.
  29. She has a beautiful black cat.
  30. Kennedy can fluently speak with a British accent.
  31. Visit her official website @
  32. Follow her on , , , and .

Featured Image By Kennedy Claire Walsh / Instagram


Facts of Kennedy Claire Walsh

  • Gender Female
  • full nameKennedy Claire Walsh
  • nicknamesKennedy
  • birthplaceUnited States
  • nationalityAmerican
  • net worth$100,000 - $1Million
  • professionYouTuber, Model, Body Painter
  • weight57 kg or 125.5 lbs
  • height5 ft 7 in or 170 cm
  • hair colorDark Brown
  • eye colorBlue
  • body type / buildSlim
  • fatherPapa Walsh
  • brothersBrandon Walsh

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