Actress Kym Marsh Had To Undergo a Surgery For Chronic Pain

Actress Kym Marsh of Coronation Street fame revealed that she has been going through some chronic pain and would need to undergo surgery very soon.

Kym Marsh talks about her chronic ailment

Kym Marsh played the character of Michelle Connor in Coronation Street and drop out her role in the early part of this year. She revealed about the pain she felt in her pelvis since long period of time.

Her attending doctors administered her to a battery of tests. Furthermore, her Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan was done and it affirmed that she had some issues in her coccyx. The doctors suggested her surgery to correct that coccygeal issue.

Kym Marsh and her new column in OK!

Kym Marsh had put a new column in the latest issue of OK Magazine.

She said,

“I’ve had pain in my pelvis for a while now.”

Kym continued,

“I recently went for an MRI scan and I’ve been told I have a bone spur on the tip of my coccyx.”

What is more, Kym explained,

”It’s basically an overgrowth of bone, which is pushing into muscles and tendons and causing me discomfort.”
Kym cleared up that she will undergo the surgery but in the meantime, she will also continue her normal activities. She stated that the pain will in no way slow her down.

She said,

“I have to have a procedure done to correct it and I’m told exercising won’t cause it any damage,”

“So I’m looking for a new personal trainer and hope to be in shape again by summer.”

Kym Marsh and her recent illness

Last month, Kym had some nasty symptoms and required investigations in hospital. She said in the same publication,

“I was shaking, I felt terrible and like I’d been hit by a truck.

“They ran lots of tests on me and I’m still waiting for the results, but doctors think it could be Salmonella poisoning, which is really serious.”

She had some really dreadful symptoms, she said. She had never felt that way anytime before in the past.

Kym also added,

“I was bed-ridden for four days.

“The whole family rallied around me, David and Emilie had to get Polly up and ready for school because I couldn’t get out of bed.”

Kym Marsh and the milestone in her career

In the midle of all these health problem, Kym had a great turning point to celebrate. She revealed about it on her Instagram account. Kym posted up a picture of her Coronation Street character of Michelle Connor posing outside the Rovers Return. She captioned it,

“13 years ago today I made my @coronationstreet debut!!!

“What 13 years that has been! Thank you so much for the great times, the things I’ve learned and the opportunities I have been given in playing Michelle Connor!! ps: look how young I look.”

Her 174k fans were elated by this post and wrote comments on her post. One said,

“You honestly haven’t aged at all!! I remember you coming into Corrie like it was yesterday!”

Another also commented,

“Going to miss you on Corrie you have been a great character thank you.”

A third added:

“I love Michelle,”


Written by Anne W. Hansen

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