Actress Leah Messer’s Daughter, Adalynn Hospitalized

Famous TV personality Leah Messer‘s daughter was hospitalized in the middle of March 2019 for swollen face and pain. At present She has been diagnosed with infectious mononucleosis, reports claim.

Leah Messer daughter Adalynn’s illness(Mononucleosis)

Leah Messer ‘s daughter Adalynn was hospitalized due to some infection but it appeared that she is suffering from infectious mononucleosis. Star of  Teen Mom 2 actress Leah and her reply announced that the little Adalynn is recovering after her diagnosis of infectious mononucleosis. The fame told US Weekly

“Addie never loses her amazing zest for life despite being forced to rest. The great news is she’s improving daily despite the mono diagnosis.”

Why Adalynn Was Hospitalized

On March 14, 2019, Adalynn was hospitalized after her mother observed that her daughter had a swollen face and complained of pain. Leah took her to the hospital where the doctors advised the child to be admitted. They put her on antibiotics on suspicion of an infection. She was thoroughly examined and the tests showed that she had infectious mononucleosis or simply called mono.

Actress Leah had uploaded a picture of Adalynn in the hospital in social media and captioned it:

“Even though she’s sick she was making everyone laugh in the ER, WHAT. A. DAY. Keep our girl in your prayers!”

Adalynn ‘s father, Jeremy Calvert also posted a picture of himself sitting beside his daughter cuddling her. He captioned it:

Leah Messer’s ex-husband and her daughter(

“Hospital with this little one all day. I hope my baby girl starts feeling better.”

On 19 March 2019, Leah updated her fans about Leah’s daughter health. She said

“Addie never lost her spirit, She was still so funny. The doctor in the ER was like, ‘Man, she has such a personality to be six years old,’ and I was like, ‘Oh, you have seen nothing yet. She definitely proved me right by talking and laughing and goofing off in the ER.”

What Is Mononucleosis?

Mononucleosis refers to an infectious disease that is sometimes called mono or “the kissing disease.” However, you can get the virus that causes it through kissing, you can also get it in other ways like sharing drinks or utensils.

It is infectious, but you’re less likely to suffer from mono than other illnesses like the common cold.

What Are The Causes of Mononucleosis?

In general, mono is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). It is a very typical virus that many people are exposed to as kids.

But even if you’re prone to EBV, it’s not certain that you’ll get mono. It is also possible to be infected with EBV and carry it in your body for your entire life without ever having symptoms of mono.

How Mononucleosis Spreads?

EBV propagate through bodily fluids. The most common way it transmits is through saliva, that is why you can get it from kissing.

It can be also propagated if you share food, drinks, or silverware with a person who is infected by it, or if an infected person coughs or sneezes near you.

As long as an object like a fork or spoon that an infected person used is still moist, the virus is might still present and infectious.

EBV can also transmit through blood and semen.

Although it’s less probable, you can get mono from medical procedures such as blood transfusions and organ transplants, or through sexual contact

When Symptoms of Mononucleosis Start?

If you have never been infected with EBV and you get it, you may start to have symptoms of mono within about 4 to 7 weeks. You could show symptoms such as a fever, fatigue, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, or other symptoms, like sore muscles and a loss of appetite.

Mono can result in different combinations of symptoms in different people. Some people have symptoms which are so mild so they are almost unnoticeable. Others have no symptoms at all.

Most of the people who get well in about 2 to 4 weeks, but sometimes the fatigue can last for several weeks after that.

In some cases, it can take 6 months or longer for the symptoms to fade away.


Written by Anne W. Hansen

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