MacDoesIt (Machaizelli Kahey) Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

MacDoesIt is an American YouTuber and comedian. He started his YouTube channel on August 7, 2012, as a satirical artist. Exaggerated gestures, satire, a high-pitched voice, and overexcited reactions have become his trademark, resulting in a dedicated following that has translated into more than 2 million subscribers. His videos are well-liked and appreciated for the humor and forthrightness that Machaizelli brings. The most popular videos on his channel include the Reacting to Racism, Reacting to Homophobia, and the How to… series. He has also done a few gameplay videos on his channel. He shares a deep bond with his sister, who calls him the “World’s Okayest Brother” and often features in his videos.

MacDoesIt is openly gay and quite at ease discussing his sexuality on the channel. In fact, some of his most loved videos are the ones where he has either had frank discussions on the subject or has tackled bigotry on this topic in a humorous fashion. Machaizelli has also openly and vocally critiqued YouTube’s policies on brand deals and advertisements. He has also been candid about the fact that it should be perfectly acceptable for YouTubers to incorporate brand deals and paid partnerships in their videos, provided they manage to maintain a balance between sponsorships and content.

Sun Sign



Los Angeles, California, United States


Sexual Orientation

Distinctive Features

  • Short-cropped hair
  • Sports a thin mustache
  • Bright Smile


Agnostic Atheism

Although he was brought up in a religious household, he has changed his views and has often spoken against organized religion.

Best Known For

The videos he creates in the Reacting to Racism and the How to… series on his YouTube channel

First TV Show

Machaizelli made his TV show debut as “Himself,” in 2017 on MK Ultra.

MacDoesIt Favorite Things

  • Songs – Brain by Banks, Come Into My Head by , Soon We’ll Be Found by , Glory and Gore by , Bad Karma by Ida Maria, I Will Never Die by Delta Rae, Stillness Is The Move by Dirty Projectors, Squareneck by Thao and Mirah, and Ritual Union by Little Dragon
  • Pet – Turtles
  • Colors – Pink, Purple, and Orange
  • Condiment – Honey

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MacDoesIt Facts

  1. He received the “Best in Comedy Vlog” award at the 2015 Buffer Festival. This award is seen as highly prestigious in the YouTube community.
  2. He had a pet turtle named Little Dude in the past.
  3. Machaizelli is reputed for using YouTube as a platform to confront discriminatory and bigoted anti-gay or racist events, comments, and advertisements with his unique satirical commentary. For his work, he was awarded the “Best YouTube Comedian” award at the 11th Annual Shorty Awards in 2018.
  4. The most popular video on his channel is titled Reacting to Anti-Gay Commercials Because I’m Gay. In the video, he mockingly read out several hateful comments on social media against homosexuality. The video was uploaded in February 2017 and has amassed more than 13 million videos.
  5. He has done collaborations with several YouTubers including Davey Wavey, HelloXRyan, Zack Zakibe, , Chris Oflyng, MilesChronicles, MikeMGTV, Lateef Thynative, wickydkewl, Elijah Pysyk, , and Michelle Khare.
  6. He has been involved in acting and theatre for more than 8 years.
  7. MacDoesIt practiced Taekwondo for 3 years and was just one belt away from becoming a black belt.
  8. He was anorexic as a child and did not gain much weight until he was in middle school.
  9. For his first musical audition, he performed First Love by .
  10. Before starting a YouTube channel, his first love and passion was photography and he still pursues the hobby in free time.
  11. He has spoken against the hate culture and the judgmental nature of social media and the importance of staying true to oneself. He has also noted that although the internet can change young peoples’ lives for the better, there is also a darker side to it.
  12. From March to April 2018, Machaizelli undertook a six-city tour of the United States with the digital network Fullscreen Live. It was titled The Thirst-Quenching, MatchMaking, Heart-Stopping Tour, where he met up with fans and took part in Q&A sessions, challenges, live reactions to his videos, and some fun games.
  13. Visit his official website @

Featured Image by MacDoesIt / Instagram


Facts of Machaizelli Kahey

  • Gender Male
  • full nameMachaizelli Kahey
  • nicknamesMacDoesIt, Mac
  • birthplaceLos Angeles, California, United States
  • nationalityAmerican
  • religionAgnostic Atheism
  • professionYouTuber, Comedian
  • weight84 kg or 185 lbs
  • height5 ft 7 in or 170 cm
  • hair colorBlack
  • eye colorDark Brown
  • body type / buildLarge
  • favorite colorsPink, Purple, and Orange
  • favorite songsBrain by Banks, Come Into My Head by , Soon We’ll Be Found by , Glory and Gore by , Bad Karma by Ida Maria, I Will Never Die by Delta Rae, Stillness Is The Move by Dirty Projectors, Squareneck by Thao and Mirah, and Ritual Union by Little Dragon

Written by Joel S. Elkins

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