Rockstar Mick Jagger Has a Damaged Heart

Sir Mick Jagger will go through heart valve replacement surgery after canceling the Rolling Stones’ latest tour, it has been asked.

Rockstar Mick Jagger’s Health Struggle and Career

The 75-year-old rock icon is set to have a damaged valve substitute during the surgery in a New York City hospital this week, according to Drudge Report.

Jagger was compelled to postpone the nine-week ‘No Filter’ tour across the US and Canada after doctors told him he was not fit to go on stage.

Page Six reported that he will also have a stent placed in his heart.

More than a million fans, who have spent an estimated £200 million in total on tickets, were due to watch the band at 17 sell-out venues.

Jagger, who adopts a strict diet and exercise rule, is supposed to make a complete recovery and be on stage by the summer, sources close to the star said. Heart valve replacement operation has a 95 percent success rate.

The band said a day earlier that doctors had suggested him not to go on stage, weeks before the tour was due to start on April 20 in Miami.

The rock icon had gone through a routine scan that warned doctors to an unexpected issue that could need hospital treatment.

Regardless of being ordered to rest, Jagger is said to have told friends he feels great and that he is already bored of taking it easy.

The singer was seen Sunday on 31st March playing with his youngest son on a beach in Miami and taking it easy ahead of the surgery.

Mick Jagger with Girlfriend Melanie Hamrick(

The rock star revels in some family time with two-year-old Deveraux, girlfriend Melanie Hamrick, and daughter Georgia May on Sunday (31st March) after canceling the sell-out North American tour which was due to start on April 20.

The band buddy Ronnie Wood also took to the beach later in the day with his wife Sally and their two-year-old twin daughters Gracie Jane and Alice Rose and was pictured making sand castles and playing in the water.

On Sunday (31st March) morning, Jagger had been clicked flashing a smile while on the balcony of an oceanfront hotel in Miami Beach where he was recovering following news of his health condition.

Jagger, a father of eight, beg pardon to fans on Twitter for the cancellation of the tour, saying,

‘I really hate letting you down like this. I’m devastated for having to postpone the tour but I will be working very hard to be back on stage as soon as I can. Once again, huge apologies everyone.’

It isn’t the first time that the band, who on average gross £7.5 million per show, have been compelled to shed a concert because of Jagger’s health.

In 2016 he has taken off of a show in Las Vegas owing to what was explained as ‘bad laryngitis’.

Mick Jagger(

Two years earlier, following Jagger’s havoc at the suicide of his girlfriend L’Wren Scott, the group canceled the whole Australasia leg of their world tour. But on that affair, the dates were held off for later the same year.

The woes of guitarist Keith Richards, the co-writer with Jagger of hits such as Satisfaction and Brown Sugar, have also provoked show postponements and cancellations during the band’s long career.

The group had to cancel concerts in 1990 when Richards infected his finger, and the start of a European tour was delayed in 1998 when he fell off a ladder at his home. Some shows in 2006 were also postponed when Richards fell from a coconut tree while on holiday.

Only last week, guitarist Richards was inquired about his relationship with Jagger and said:

‘I love the man 99 percent of the time. Mick knows what I mean and he’ll say the same about me.’


Heart valve replacement surgery is an operation to amend one or more of the heart’s four valves.

If these are impaired by disease or age it can cut down how well the vital organ pumps blood around the body.

‘Valves ‘ where the main arteries and veins join to the heart can become less adept if they do not open or close properly, obstructing the flow of blood or leaking as the heart pumps.

A valve replacement surgery is one in which the damaged valve is replaced with either an artificial part or one from an animal or human donor.

During the surgery the chest is sliced open, the heart stopped and blood pumped with a bypass machine, then the heart valve is replenished and the chest closed back up and the heart restarted.

Patients will usually spend a week in the hospital and may take up to three months to fully recuperate.

The survival rate of an aortic valve replacement which is a common type is between 97 and 99 percent, according to the National Health Service, UK.

Risk relies on the patient’s age and general health but it can result in endocarditis, a heart infection. Blood clots and stroke are also probable complications.


Written by Anne W. Hansen

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