Mental Health! Motivational speakers in social media platform rising day by day. Is this helping mental problems?

Mental Health Speakers

Today we find that mental problems are increasing like never before. Although there is still some stigma surrounding mental health, we see that a lot of people are talking about mental health online. This is happening especially through social media platforms- through blogs, vlogs, tweets on just online conversations. Along with this, we also find more and more motivational speakers talking about mental health. Most often they speak from their own or their close ones’ experiences with mental problems. This is definitely helping those with mental problems. How? Let us tell you.

They Help Prevent Loneliness

The main deal with mental problems is that we think we are the only ones who have them. Most often we think that it is an abnormality and that no one else feels this way but us. This leads to a vicious cycle of feeling increasingly lonelier and having graver mental problems. However, when we hear motivational speakers sharing about their personal journeys and experiences with mental health, we feel less lonely. They make us realize that anyone can suffer from mental problems. And that it is not something to feel ashamed about. It helps us admit and vocalize the things that our mind is experiencing and to reach out for help. Motivational speakers also give you information about how to find help. They may tell you about the health professionals who helped them, and they also increase awareness about suicide prevention hotlines- which is of dire importance.

Giving an Improved Sense of Support

In previous years, people would bluntly label those with mental problems with inappropriate words. They used to shun and stay away from mentally challenged people. However, today, people are showing more support than ever before.

Mental Health Awareness is extremely crucial! (source:

They openly reach out to and empathize with those with mental problems. Everyone is now better informed about mental problems and the importance of mental health. Needless to say, motivational speakers on social media have a significant role in making this happen.

Giving Useful Advice

Often, people with mental problems dismiss any advice given by their friends and family. This is because they feel like friends and family do not fully understand what they are going through. This is true to some extent. In this light, they are more likely to take advice from motivational speakers who have been through what they are going through. For example, it is more likely for a depressed person to listen to and follow tips given by someone who has had and conquered depression. Sometimes, the motivational speaker may be their own pop idol or a celebrity that they have looked up to for ages. Even simple advice that they give through their speeches can bring about a huge change in the person’s mental health. Such advice may include healthy lifestyle changes-such as quitting smoking, going to the gym, reducing alcohol intake and eating healthier foods.

Social Communities

Motivational speakers or their followers and fans often have online communities. In such communities people may talk about

Support groups are an important part of healing. (source:

the speaker or the ideas that he/she has kept forward in his/her speeches. This has massively assisted mentally challenged people to find others just like them, undergoing similar situations in their minds. In many instances, people find it easier to express themselves in front of people that they don’t personally know.

On the other hand, the trend of social media meet-ups with these motivational speakers are also on the rise. Such meet-ups are definitely helping to prevent isolation, increase social connections, giving people a reason to step outside their houses, to make friends and to express themselves in the ways that they want, without fear of judgment.


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