Mobile addict children found to be angry often. Ways to control.

How can you control your child's mobile usage and the anger that comes with it? (source: )

Mobile phones are possibly the most important gadget of the 20th century. In the past 20 years, a lot has changed. While everyone made do with landlines in the past, today even children cannot get through their day without their phones. However, even with all the benefits, mobile phone usage does not come without its own share of ill-effects.

Mobile addiction in children can cause various health hazards such as radiation absorption, sleep disruption, fatigue and restlessness. Studies have proven an adverse relationship between mobile phone usage and academics. In addition, mobile phone usage keeps the brain constantly busy. This causes the mind to be working all the time without rest. Because of this, children tend to get more irritated and angry often.

So I am sure you might be wondering- how can I control my child from using the mobile so often? Here are a few tips that may work for you.

Be a role model

Before enforcing any rules on your children, you must ensure that those are rules you too can follow. This means that you should be an example for your child, because as a parent you become their first teacher. You are the one who teaches them how much phone usage is permissible. That is why, work on yourself first. Monitor your own phone usage and access how much time you are actually spending on the phone for work, and how much you just use it idly. Cut down on your cell phone usage so that you use it only when you need to. By doing so, you are teaching your children to do the same.

Learn to set limits

The main problem with cell phone usage is that it is uncontrolled. That is why it is extremely important to control this. Setting up a schedule is a great way to do this. Time you child and allow them to use the phone for 5 minutes or for one game of Candy Crush. Not only should you give your child directions, but you should monitor them too. For instance, make sure you take the phone back after exactly after one game of Candy Crush has finished. Make the schedule that is flexible to their needs but not all their wants. You have to let them enjoy, but also make sure that the schedule is followed and cell phone usage is limited to exclude everything unnecessary.

Parental Control Apps for Mobiles

Ironically today there are mobile apps that help too limit mobile phone usage. These apps will allow the phone to only be unlocked at certain times of the day, or only after approval form a parent. Some apps even allow you to make a separate profile for your child where he is only able to use exactly what he needs to for his projects and studies.

Taking away their mobile phone

In extreme cases, you may have to use your parental authority to take away the phone from your child. You may also choose to pull out the SIM card or to uninstall certain apps permanently.

Find them alternatives to using a mobile

Nowadays, the reason people are so addicted to using social media is because they hardly have a fulfilling social life in person. Therefore, if you wish to limit your child’s phone usage, try to find them a proper alternative. Help them make new friends in the neighborhood that they can play with. Explore new hobbies and activities with them; introduce them to a good book, enroll them into a new class- basically anything that they can do in their free time instead of using their phone. Just make sure they they enjoy doing those activities just as much as using their phone. You can also help them manage their anger through the following 10 tips to control anger.


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