Pokediger1 Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Pokediger1 is an American social media star, rapper, and musician, best known for his YouTube channel titled Poke, which has amassed an audience of more than 4 million subscribers and more than 750 million views. He created the account on the platform on July 30, 2007, but uploaded his 1st video on August 22, 2011, which was simply titled Pokediger1’s First Video. His 1st videos were primarily gameplay of a well-known survival game, Minecraft, with occasional videos about games such as The Walking Dead: Long Road Ahead, Animal Crossing City Folk, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, and SimCity. In 2013, he was also a part of the VimCore Team that played Minecraft together, alongside YouTubers Minecraft4Meh, TofuuGaming, MagneticMinecraft, BloodZelos, Grapeapplesauce, and TYBZI. He also played Minecraft on servers such as Cube SMP, Cube UHC, and Mineplex Ultra Hardcore alongside YouTubers , , and .

Pokediger1 never revealed his face until April 2014, but the video was later made private. However, this allowed him to begin vlogging occasionally, and share his real-life adventures with his fanbase due to near-constant requests. He also kept his focus on playing Minecraft until October 2016, when he fully changed the direction of his channel to feature a very similar game named Roblox. In the beginning, he played a Roblox game mode Murder Mystery 2 before branching out to other modes such as Jailbreak, created by . Pokediger1 found success in this change of content, and reached a milestone of 1 million subscribers on YouTube on January 14, 2018, thus becoming a widely recognized Roblox player. He has also amassed a fanbase of more than 1 million followers on the Roblox platform itself as well as a social media fanbase of more than 300k followers on Twitter.

Sun Sign



Austin, Texas, United States





Vocals, Piano

Girlfriend / Spouse

Pokediger1 has dated –

  1. Nicole Richmond (2018) – His only publicly revealed relationship was with a girl named Nicole with whom he attended an Adobe event in Anaheim, California, the United States in late June 2018.

Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

Tall height

Best Known For

Being a well-known Roblox player with more than 1 million followers on the platform, whose YouTube gaming channel has amassed a fanbase of more than 4 million subscribers

As a Singer

Pokediger1 released his debut hip-hop/rap song, titled Roblox, on September 23, 2017, with an accompanying music video on YouTube. The song also featured 2 of his friends and gaming YouTubers, Ant and , who were a part of his gaming group as well.

Pokediger1 Favorite Things

  • Animals – Cat, Sloth, Horse, Lizard
  • Color – Red
  • Candy – Klondike Bar
  • Food – French Fries
  • Holiday – 4th of July
  • Movie – Avengers: Endgame (2019)
  • Personal Quote – “Be different, never settle for less.”

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Pokediger1 Facts

  1. When he was young, he and his older brother used to have a tickling contest, where the winner would be the person who resists moving the longest. His brother flinched when Poke tickled him, pushed him off the bed, and then jumped and slammed his arm. The pain was excruciating but his mom didn’t believe him, thinking it was only sprained, and he was forced to listen, thinking she knows best. It was only when a girl nearby noticed and told his mom to take him to the emergency center that they found it was really broken. He broke it in March, so he had to wear a large neon green cast for 2 to 3 months. Poke vividly remembers the incident because of the birthday party and pictures he had with a cast on his arm.
  2. Around 2007, Poke had a lizard named Cody whom he loved and carried whenever he could.
  3. He got his 1st school detention shortly before his birthday. Poke and his friends competed in throwing their lunch, so when it was his time, he skewed his aim and threw it so high that it got stuck on the ceiling pole that everyone entering the cafeteria could see. A teacher walked in, asked who it was, and threatened to send everyone to detention unless he came forward and confessed.
  4. Poke was 5 ft 3 in or 160 cm tall when he was 16 years old.
  5. As a gaming YouTuber, Poke is a part of a group of content creators named The Crew And Friends. The group also includes gaming YouTubers Ant, TofuuGaming, SeeDeng, and others. Some of them also moved in with him to The Crew And Friends House in May 2017, which was located in Dallas, Texas, United States.
  6. His Roblox account was banned for the 1st time on August 13, 2017, because of unauthorized purchases of Robux, the in-game currency bought for real-world money. He later gave the currency away and thus received a permanent ban. For that reason, he had to create multiple Roblox accounts, named PokeFansOutHere, PokeWasBanned, PokeWBWB, PokeyD1, and SirRobuxJack.
  7. Pokediger1 doesn’t swear on-camera, so his fanbase considers his channel family-friendly/child-friendly. However, a fellow YouTuber named KonekoKitten stated that he does swear off-camera on occasion.
  8. He absolutely hates winter and feels that the coldness and darkness kill his productivity and he feels like a different person who is tired constantly. It all started during school days when he would come back home in the late afternoon and the night had already fallen, making him want to go to bed immediately.
  9. He loves sloths and even has merchandise designed around plush toys in the shape of one. In addition, his character in Roblox also has a sloth on his shoulder and he has a Roblox team named Team Sloth Forever.
  10. He has a cat named Dudette. He has made her a separate Instagram account under the handle “dudettethecat” which has garnered a fanbase of more than 20k followers.
  11. Pokediger1’s YouTube channel reached a milestone of 2 million subscribers on September 14, 2018, and of 3 million subscribers on May 22, 2019.
  12. On May 20, 2019, he moved from Dallas, Texas, to Austin, Texas, United States.
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Facts of Zachary

  • Gender Male
  • full nameZachary
  • nicknamesZack, Poke, Pokey, Pokediger1
  • birthplaceChicago, Illinois, United States
  • Date of Birth April 13, 1998
  • Age 26 years 1 months
  • Horoscope Aries
  • Lucky Number 8
  • Lucky Stone Diamond
  • Lucky Color Red
  • Best Match for Marriage Leo
  • ethnicity / ethnic backgroundAmerican
  • nationalityAmerican
  • net worth$61 Million
  • professionSocial Media Star, Rapper, Musician
  • weight73 kg or 161 lbs
  • height6 ft or 183 cm
  • hair colorDark Brown
  • eye colorGreen
  • body type / buildSlim
  • favorite colorsRed
  • favorite moviesAvengers: Endgame (2019)
  • favorite foodFrench Fries

Written by Joel S. Elkins

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