The Pruning Process…

In life, we all go through a pruning process. God will prune our lives so that we can bear much fruit. To “prune” means something is cut away, something is removed.

Maybe a good friend that you counted on moved to another city…
Maybe a business shut down that you were connected to…
Or a relationship went in a different direction…

He knows what you need in your life in order to grow and flourish.

Sometimes when things happen that we don’t understand, we just have to trust that He is working behind the scenes preparing us for expansion, preparing us to go to another level.

Source: Flickr(Pruning process)

Don’t put a question mark where He has placed a period

When you’re going through a transition, don’t get bitter. Don’t fall down and think it’s the end. Don’t start thinking that you’re a failure.

Have the attitude,

“I let this go knowing that it was only a temporary provision, and what You have planned for my future will be greater than what I’m letting go off.”

If you will accept the change and keep your faith, He will open new doors.

He will bring new opportunities, new friendships, and take you to another level of His glory!

Source: House to House Heart to Heart

The pruning process…


Written by Ashok Wahi

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