Robert Oberst Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Robert Oberst is an American professional strongman, former dancer, bodybuilder, and TV personality, who has regularly competed in the World’s Strongest Man competitions. He was also the star of TV series The Strongest Man in History alongside Nick Best, , and starting in 2019.

Sun Sign



Texas, United States


His wife is also his manager.

Girlfriend / Spouse

Robert Oberst has dated –

  1. Kristin Oberst – The couple has a son named Atlas Bear Oberst, who was born in 2015.

Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • Tribal tattoos on both arms
  • Rugged looks
  • Towering height
  • Bodybuilder physique

Shoe Size

13 (UK) or 14 (US) or 47 (EU)

Brand Endorsements

Robert Oberst has endorsed brands such as American Monsters Supplements and Bunker Branding Co.

He has also appeared in a TV commercial for 5-Hour Energy.


He believes in reincarnation.

Robert Oberst Facts

  1. He was always taller than his peers and friends.
  2. On his 12th birthday, he weighed 220.5 lbs or 100 kg and was 6 ft 1 in or 185.5 cm tall.
  3. He was a swing competitor growing up. He won his last trophy at the age of 19.
  4. During one summer, Robert grew 7 inches or around 17.5 cm and decided to focus on sports other than dancing.
  5. He played and track and field during high school and continued playing football at college. He tried out of the NFL but didn’t make the cut.
  6. Robert worked as a night club bouncer after he graduated college. During one work night, his colleague introduced him to Strongmen competition where he himself competed as an amateur.
  7. During his 1st workout session, Robert broke the amateur record in log pressing, which was around 150 kg or 330.5 lbs at the time.
  8. Robert obtained his Strongman “Pro Card” after only 4 months of training at the 2012 Dallas Europa Amateur Strongman competition.
  9. Before heading to his 1st World’s Strongest Man, Robert stated he ate 3.5 lbs of every day. He also ate 6 cups of , , and a lot of . Robert added that he never ate or cheese, possibly because he was intolerant.
  10. At the 2013 America’s Strongest Man competition, he 750 lbs or 340 kg for 4 reps and finished in 2nd place.
  11. In a exercise, he lifted 465 lbs or 211 kg above his head at the 2015 Arnold Classic Australia, thus breaking the American record.
  12. Robert has suffered severe in 2015. He stated he always needed at least 15 to 20 minutes after waking up to loosen up and start walking.
  13. In 2016, he tore his in half and nearly lost his career because he needed 3 years to recover.
  14. A fellow strongman, Rob Kearney, broke his log press record in April 2019 when he lifted 471 lbs or 213.5 kg. Robert, when he heard the news, swore to break not only the American record but also the world record of 502.5 lb or 228 kg, held by Žydrūnas “Big Z” Savickas.
  15. His mom is a breast survivor. Whenever possible, Robert wears something pink to commemorate her battle.
  16. He was homeless for a period of time.
  17. His biggest motivation in life is for his son, Atlas, to say “My dad is the strongest man in America” when he turns 15.
  18. Robert once joked he would start writing Bohemian poetry in the mountains after he’s done being a strongman.
  19. He described himself as having “a gypsy soul” because he cannot seem to stay with 1 idea or job for too long.
  20. Although not official, Robert’s personal best records include a 950 lbs or 431 kg , 880 lbs or 399 kg , 650.5 lbs or 295 kg bench press, and 485 lbs or 220 kg overhead press.
  21. Robert’s “cheat” foods include Texas , peach cobbler, and pizza.
  22. His glove size is 3XL.

Featured Image by oberstpac / / CC BY-2.0


Facts of Robert Oberst

  • Gender Male
  • full nameRobert Oberst
  • nicknamesObie, The American Monster
  • birthplaceSanta Cruz, California, United States
  • Date of Birth December 20, 1984
  • Age 39 years 5 months
  • Horoscope Sagittarius
  • Lucky Number 9
  • Lucky Stone Turquoise
  • Lucky Color Orange
  • Best Match for Marriage Leo, Aquarius
  • nationalityAmerican
  • net worth$2 million
  • professionProfessional Strongman, TV Personality, Former Dancer, Bodybuilder
  • weight186 kg or 410 lbs
  • height6 ft 7 in or 200.5 cm
  • hair colorDark Brown
  • eye colorHazel
  • body type / buildBodybuilder
  • high schoolAptos High School
  • collegeWestern Oregon University
  • motherKathy Oberst
  • fatherJim Oberst

Written by Joel S. Elkins

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