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Rory John Gates is an American poet and media personality best known as the son of the billionaire Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, and his wife Melinda Gates, a philanthropist. He was also the 2nd-born child and the 1st son in his family, born 3 years after his older sister Jennifer Katharine Gates, and 3 years before the birth of his youngest sister, Phoebe Adele Gates. Rory and his siblings have intentionally stayed out of the public’s eye but it is known that he and his parents shared a close relationship. Bill taught him his 1st poetry lesson and Rory released his 1st poem titled Physics of Light through his father’s website in April 2010. He thought about the poem while on a mutual vacation and it ended up consisting of 7 lines that formed a diamond shape on a page. For that reason, it was also known as Rory’s Diamante Poem and had mentions of a black hole, light, and stars.

Sun Sign



Medina, Washington, United States


Distinctive Features

Tall height

Best Known For

Being the only son of Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft and his wife Melinda, author and philanthropist

Rory John Gates Facts

  1. According to his mom, Rory inherited his parents’ love for puzzles.
  2. He’s a feminist according to his mom and is very supportive of the idea of gender equality and openly discusses it with his siblings and even friends.
  3. He and his sisters weren’t allowed to have a mobile phone until they turned 13.
  4. His dad, Bill promised to donate a majority of his wealth to charity because he wants his children to make their own wealth and not be spoilt. It was speculated that Rory and his sisters’ inheritance was between $10 and $20 million each.
  5. Rory was described by his mom as “compassionate, curious, intelligent, well-read, and deeply informed about the wide range of issues that interest him”.
  6. He was raised modestly and given pocket money for doing his part of the household chores. His parents believed that both he and his sisters should be held to the same standard of keeping their rooms clean, taking the trash out, washing the dishes, etc.
  7. His mom noticed his passion for gender equality when Rory and she went to Malawi in East Africa to check up on the work that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was doing. She was amazed to hear that some of the men in the village were helping their wives with household chores, finances, and cleaning. Rory disagreed and told her that it should be a completely normal thing for men to do so, which made her proud.
  8. In May 2018, his parents bought a home in Chicago, Illinois, United States for $1.25 million. It was located just across the street of Hyde Park campus of the University of Chicago, which led the media to believe that Rory would attend that exact college as he was of appropriate age.
  9. He is not active on social media.

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Facts of Rory John Gates

  • Gender Male
  • full nameRory John Gates
  • middle nameJohn
  • nicknamesRory
  • birthplaceSeattle, Washington, United States
  • ethnicity / ethnic backgroundEnglish, German, and Irish/Scots-Irish
  • nationalityAmerican
  • net worth$20 million
  • professionPoet, Media Personality
  • weight73 kg or 161 lbs
  • height5 ft 11 in or 180.5 cm
  • hair colorBlonde
  • eye colorBlue
  • body type / buildSlim
  • motherMelinda Ann

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