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Savannah Lynx is an American actress, fitness enthusiast, blogger, beauty queen, singer, songwriter, and humanitarian. The multi-talented beauty came to prominence as a cast member of BET’s F in Fabulous (2016). Nevertheless, she has also remained in the limelight for her fit physique. She is a true fitness guru who started off working out at a very young age to stay slim. Little did she know, willingness to stay fit led her into competing in several beauty pageants and various other talents competitions and at the age of 16 she won her first major pageant title the “Miss New Jersey Teen USA”. From there onwards, Savannah became a total fitness buff, hence, earning herself the title of “Miss Las Vegas International Model Search” and “Miss Swimsuit USA International”.

Having attained beauty queen status, Savannah was chosen to be part of the docuseries F in Fabulous alongside actress Eny Oh, Kamie Crawford, and Steph Mendoza. In 2018, she was also cast in the hit films Acts of Violence and The Row. Besides that, Savannah’s first love is singing and she managed to release her debut track titled Colors in 2013. She is also a huge contributor to humanitarian needs who runs The Lynx Club which is dedicated to supporting charities and helping the homeless.

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Boyfriend / Spouse

Savannah has dated –

  1. In the past, she was in a dysfunctional relationship that ended badly. It left her heartbroken but motivated her focus on her fitness.
  2. Beb – Savannah is indeed dating a handsome young man she lovingly calls Beb. The couple as of 2019, seems to be very happy as seen in pictures that she puts up on her Instagram.

Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • Hourglass physique
  • Beautiful eyes
  • Plush lips

Brand Endorsements

Through her social media, Savannah has either endorsed or promoted many brands including -KO- Watches, Omaxe Healthcare, and K A V A I.



Best Known For

  • Being cast as herself in the docuseries of F in Fabulous in 2016
  • Her fit and alluring physique
  • The pictures that she uploads to her Instagram account which has more than 100k followers
  • Working alongside some of Hollywoods biggest stars like Bruce Willis, Kamie Crawford, Cole Hauser, and Melissa Bolona

As a Singer

Savannah released her debut single titled Colors on December 3, 2013. It also featured DJ Savi.

First Film

Savannah made her debut theatrical film appearance as a “Head Dancer” in Acts of Violence in 2018. She starred along with actor , Cole Hauser, Shawn Ashmore, Ashton Holmes, and Melissa Bolona.

First TV Show

She made her first TV show appearance as “Herself” in the docuseries of F in Fabulous in 2016.

Personal Trainer

Savannah started focusing on her fitness ever since she was a teenager. At the age of 16, she had started dieting and exercising in order to compete in beauty pageants. This commitment of hers eventually won her the title of “Miss New Jersey Teen USA”.

In the past, Savannah had taken her fitness routine to the extreme as she had been on a crash diet and did cardio exercises whenever she had the energy. One of the key factors in her fitness routine was . Savannah would run a total of 7 to 10 miles every morning.

She once stated that “I discovered that my mind is most at rest when my body is most active” as her fitness journey took off due to an unhealthy relationship. Besides just being fit, she has also developed a lot of stamina. She prefers to spend most of her free time in the gym.

As of 2016, she was also attending indoor cycling classes which in turn helped her work on her and strength. Besides that, she likes to stick to floor exercises such as crunches, pushups, stretching, riding a spin bike.

Besides her normal workout routine, Savannah also prefers to do 100 crunches and 50 pushups before going to bed and after waking up. Other than that, Savannah does not have a planned workout routine and mostly prefers to workout as she feels like doing.

She also believes that “consistency is key” and with right exercise postures and clean eating habits, anybody can attain a lean, strong, and curvaceous physique.

As for her diet, she does not consume any kind of additional supplements as she finds them to be unnecessary. She extracts the needed carbs and from natural food like chicken, fish, veggies, fruits, and nuts.

Just like everyone, Savannah had once fallen out of line and started eating everything. However, when she realized the damage it was doing to her body, she only started to consume lean protein and cut down on carbs and sugars. Thereafter, she gradually started to workout.

Savannah quotes, “Talent is just a small ingredient in the recipe for success. Endurance, stamina, and discipline are what will get you to your goal.”

Savannah Lynx Favorite Things

  • Cardio Exercise – Outdoor running
  • Quote – “To whom much is given, much is expected”.
  • Body Part To Workout – Legs

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Savannah Lynx Facts

  1. She was brought up in Far Hills, New Jersey.
  2. Savannah was 8 years old when she found her love for singing. The same year, she also lost her father, grandparents, and pet dog. Thereafter, she started taking part in talent competitions and beauty pageants.
  3. At the age 12, she sang the American national anthem The Star-Spangled Banner for the Detroit Tigers in front of more than 60,000 people who were present to witness an amazing match.
  4. Savannah won the “Miss New Jersey Teen USA” beauty pageant when she was 16 years old. Later, she took part in the “Miss Teen USA 2011” pageant where she secured #15 place and won herself the preliminary title of “Miss Congeniality.”
  5. She had started acting during her teenage years and during her high school senior year, she piloted the musical The Mystery of Edwin Drood. This, in turn, earned sincere recognition for her performance by the Paper Mill Playhouse theater situated in Millburn.
  6. After Savannah moved to California in January 2015, she began focusing a lot on her physique eventually attaining an hourglass-like physique. Then, she competed and won the much-envied titles of “Miss Las Vegas International Model Search” and “Miss Swimsuit USA International.” In an interview, Savannah had stated that she had received more than 35,000 dollars as a result of winning the 2 pageants.
  7. She is an avid supporter of charitable organizations and also does a lot of volunteering work. Savannah also founded The Lynx Club, that offers women a chance to join a modern-day sorority club that is dedicated to donating its funds towards charity and feeding the homeless. She, in particular, is attached to the well-known #PcnyInTheStreets project.
  8. Besides acting, Savannah is an author of Fitness Gurls. She also loves traveling to exotic countries and going on adventures.
  9. Savannah claims to be an aficionado.
  10. She was chosen as‘s “Model of the Month” for their August 2016 edition.
  11. Savannah was cast alongside actress Eny Oh, Kamie Crawford, and Steph Mendoza in F in Fabulous (2016), a documentary that showed the lives they lead.
  12. She was featured on the cover of Respire‘s December-January 2019 premier issue and Fitness Gurls August-September 2016 issue.
  13. Savannah had developed a knack for running overtime which led to her feet getting sore with blisters.
  14. She prefers to read a book while in the gym on an elliptical instead of watching television.
  15. Savannah believes that she is particularly vulnerable when it comes to life, love, and music.
  16. She is obsessed with eating .
  17. When she moved to New York, Savannah lost touch with her fitness side for a while. She had her fair share of cheat routines which involved eating everything that she saw, staying up late at night, and snacking all day.
  18. She credits her mother for making her into the resilient woman she is today.
  19. In 2017, in an interview with Fitness Gurls, Savannah stated that she had considered competing for “Miss USA” and “Miss America” in the past. However, she wanted to move on to discovering something else for herself.
  20. She became a songwriter because she did not like the lyrics of the people she was working with.
  21. Actress, model, and beauty queen Kamie Crawford and Savannah are very close friends.
  22. She considers her legs to the most muscular region of her body.
  23. In 2018, her mother remarried her stepfather whom she had been dating for 16 years.
  24. Follow her on , , and .

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Facts of Savannah Lynx

  • Gender Female
  • full nameSavannah Lynx
  • nicknamesSavannah
  • birthplaceFar Hills, New Jersey, United States
  • nationalityAmerican
  • religionChristianity
  • net worth$100,000 - $1Million
  • professionActress, Singer, Songwriter, Humanitarian, Fitness Enthusiast, Blogger, Beauty Queen
  • weight55 kg or 121 lbs
  • height5 ft 7 in or 170 cm
  • hair colorBlonde
  • eye colorDark Brown
  • body type / buildAthletic
  • collegeFordham University
  • motherPatricia Schechter

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