Types of simple workout you can do from home

Exercise can be your best friend! ( Source:

Workouts are great not just for your body but also for your brain. It helps to improve your concentration and memory in addition to increasing your endurance and making your muscles stronger. Contrary to popular belief, workouts don’t always have to be hard core and at the gym. There are various simple workouts that you can do in the comfort of your home. Combined with your hard work and discipline, these simple workouts are will show amazing results.

1. Knee Push-ups

Are you one of those people who have never succeeded in doing even one push up? Don’t worry! A lot of us are just like you. Pushups are difficult to do, but by taking it one step at a time will help you to ultimately do it. So where to start? Start with knee pushups.

• Kneel on your knees.
• Then go into a high plank position putting the palm of your hands on the floor.
• Slowly bend your elbows and lower your body towards the ground. Make sure that your head to your knees form a straight line.
• Then, push yourself back up to the initial high plank position.
• Repeat
Knee pushups will help you build your strength so well that one day you will surely be able to do as many pushups as you’d like.

2. Planks

Position yourself as shown in the image below and hold this position for as long as possible.

Hold this position for as long as possible! (source:

This helps to build up your core strength and balance and is often used by people who want to build their abs.

3. Bicycle crunch

This exercise is also mainly targeted to people who wish to build their abs.
• Position yourself as shown in the picture below.
• Bring your left elbow to your right knee while keeping your left leg straight, while crunching your abdomen.
• Repeat, but now bring your right elbow to your left knee with your right leg straight.
• Alternate these movements and repeat as much as you wish.

4. Skipping Rope

Think skipping rope is just a game children play? Think again! Perhaps the most effective and yet the most ignored form of simple home exercise is skipping rope. Some studies have shown that skipping rope for just an hour per day can help you burn 1000 Calories. So what are you waiting for? Take a skipping rope and start burning calories!

5. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are another form of exercise that you must have been used to doing ever since school. Just to refresh your memory, here are the steps to do your exercise:
Stand straight with your legs together and hands by your side.
Then, jump up and spread your legs and arms wide apart and over your head.
Then, jump and go back to the original position.

Simply doing these exercises are going to improve your life both physically and mentally. Although the result will take sometime to show up, have faith and be consistent. One day when you get the hang of it, you will thank your past self for pulling through! Keep going!


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