Some Mistakes That Must Not Be Made In The Winter

Seasonal changes affect the body in many ways. Excessive colds can cause problems such as colds, coughs, allergies and fever. People tend to be lazy most of the time because of the cold, rather than mixing quickly with a certain environment. Due to which various health problems are deliberately taken. Here are seven mistakes that you should not do in the cold.

Drinking a little water

Certainly, we do not feel thirsty in the winter like in summer. However, winter has nothing to do with thirst. We feel less thirsty in the winter because of having less physical activity. According to the British Diabetes Association, our body needs two liters of water daily in the winter to stay hydrated. Dehydration causes problems, including kidney, indigestion and stomach ache. Do not drink too much hot water in winter. Likewise, being cold does not prevent you from eating too much caffeine.

More clothes

To avoid winter we wear warm jackets, sweaters, and other outerwear. However, wearing too much clothing is not the best way to avoid the cold. Excessive clothing can cause excess heat to sweat the body. When the sweat melts, it makes us even colder. Therefore, in winter clothes should not warm the muscles but do not wear too much clothing.

Gloves on hands and socks on feet

It is not bad to wear gloves in your hands and socks on foot to avoid the cold. However, this is not the best way to win the cold. Our hands and feet are the only comfortable part to get used to in any weather. Covering the arms and legs also means that we have obstructed our bodies to adapt to climate change in the atmosphere. Never wear socks in the winter. It affects blood flow from the heart to the joints. Sleeping in socks puts the risk of bleeding into the joints.

Eating for fun

The most important thing to weigh about is in winter. To avoid the cold, we eat foods that are sweeter and more salty, protein-rich and junk food. During the winter, our bodies also become sluggish. Most of us find it hard to work. We reduce physical activity, prefer to stay inside the vineyard more often than just walking and exercising. This is not a good habit. To be warm during the winter, fresh foods, especially fruits and vegetables, should be eaten. Seasonal fruits such as oranges, pomegranates, peanuts, etc. can also be heated.

More sleep

During the winter we try to sleep more because we get a natural sleep immediately after entering the blanket. Even in the morning, we like to sleep in bed till late. Not only that, after eating the morning sun, it seems like sleeping in the sun. Even more, the sun doesn’t like to leave. We should do our utmost to return to normalcy as soon as winter is over.

Love to stay indoors

Even when the sun is unwilling to leave the sun, we like to stay indoors most of the time. It’s nice to stay inside when it’s snowing outside. However, in the cold weather, most people like to sit idle or go to the furnace shop to warm their lives. This is not a good habit either. Walking to the park during winter or busy at work can speed up blood circulation and naturally warm you.

Use of unnecessary creams and garlic

Another mistake we make in the winter is the use of various creams and garlic. Although it is good for the skin to be moisturized, it is not advisable to do all-inclusive moisturization without the doctor’s advice. Garlic may cause skin allergies and other skin-related diseases.

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Increased cold is a problem of cuffing in the chest? Home remedies are okay

With cold onset, it is common for colds and worsening of the throat. In addition, in the cold season, another problem is the accumulation of cough in the chest.

Coughing on the chest not only causes breathing problems, but it also causes many more problems. People use a variety of medicines to get rid of it. But, no success will come.

Today we are going to tell you some home remedies that can easily solve the problem of cough.

Honey and lemon

Mix one teaspoon of organic honey and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. It helps relax your neck. Honey has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Likewise, the paper contains a rich amount of Vitamin C that immediately relaxes your neck.


The pepper is somewhat spicy and sharp in taste. It is considered as a miracle medicine in Ayurveda to end breathing problems. It eliminates cough.

Pepper contains a chemical element called piperlangamine and prevents it from becoming an enzyme in our body. The enzyme increases the cough and its infection which causes cough. Boil 3 grains of pepper in one cup of water daily and mix it with honey and drink again.

Grape juice

Grapes are beneficial for many diseases. It contains a substance called Horostilvain which is rich in antioxidants. Expectorant in grapes is helpful in removing cuffs from the chest and lungs.

Combine two teaspoons of honey with grapefruit juice to remove the cuff that has accumulated in the chest and drink always. Mixing salt and pepper in grapefruit juice is a quick benefit.

Hot water

Drink lukewarm water in the cuff frozen state. This reduces the amount of phlegm stored in your chest and neck. You can also keep yourself hydrated by drinking a glass of water or a cup of tea.

Rinse with salt-water

Salt rinse relieves the throat and cleanses the cough. This cleanses the wound and dies all the germs in the throat.


Mix one tablespoon of turmeric in hot water. A substance called curcumin is found in turmeric, which has very powerful antibacterial properties. This allows the cuff to be thin.

Some people should not eat ginger in winter

Ginger is the main plant in the genealogy family according to scientific classification. It is commonly used in vegetables, spices, and medicines. Its songs are fibrous. It warms the body as well as relieves problems such as cold cough, fever, throat cleansing. But sometimes ginger intake can also be a cause for death for a person.

Ginger intake is not beneficial for everyone. There are so many people. Ginger intake can be dangerous for the body. Today we will talk about diseases in which ginger intake can cause harm.

For people who eat drugs

Ginger intake can be dangerous for people taking medications every day. If a person uses the drug daily, they should not use ginger. Because they are a dangerous mixture when combined with drugs containing beta-blockers, anticoagulants and insulin ginger.

Ginger intake during pregnancy can be dangerous

Ginger should not be used during pregnancy. Although ginger intake is good in the first month, its consumption can be harmful later. Ginger intake can be dangerous for three months before the baby is born. Ginger intake at this time puts the risk of premature delivery and labor.

For those with gallstones

Ginger consumption can be dangerous for a person with gallstones. In fact, ginger intake begins to make excessive amounts of vile juice in the body. Having a bile stone can be dangerous to over-manufacture the juice. Therefore, ginger should not be used in such cases.

For those who have undergone an operation

If you are undergoing an operation, you should not consume ginger for more than two weeks. Because ginger is a blood thinner. Which is not normal for the body. Ginger intake during surgery can cause excess blood to flow from your body.

For lean people

Ginger intake is harmful to you if you are lean. Because ginger has fiber and it increases the pH level of the body. Causing the digestive enzymes to activate. It causes the fatty substance to accelerate and to reduce appetite, causing weight loss.

For those with blood problems

People who have blood disorder problems. They should not consume ginger. Because ginger intake makes the blood thinner. This is why some people have a slight wound, but the blood flows a lot.


Written by Joel S. Elkins

Kimberly Perry

Eva Padlock