Sophie Gradon And Her Boyfriend Suicide!! Parents To Pay 5k Pound To Unlock Her iPhone

The mother of Love Island star Sophie Gradon has admitted she is paying a company £5,000 to unlock two of her daughter’s mobile phones.

The 32-year-old actress is highly dire family have been seeking for answers as she was found dead at her parents’ home in Northumberland last June.

Mrs. Gradon had earlier said on Twitter that the police were incapable to unlock Sophie’s iPhone for data extraction, which had slowed the date of a planned hearing.

But on 28 March 2019, she admitted that she had paid a private software company in London to hook the two phones to machines which try every possible passcode.

Mrs. Gradonrecommended that Sophie had a six digit pin number, that would mean there are one million possible combinations to try.

Even if she had a four-digit PIN, there are yet possible 10,000 combinations, making it absurd to manually unlock.

While providing suggestion to another grieving woman who had unexpectedly lost her cousin, Mrs. Gradon stated the service costs £2,500 per device.

Sophie Gradon and her boyfriend Aaron Armstrong(

An investigation into Sophie’s death was due to take place two weeks ago today but it was pushed back since new information was brought to her parents’ attention.

Sources said Mirror Online that Sophie’s family had inquired for more time to prefer new information in a report they received, but this week requested that the hearing take place in their absence.

The model and former Miss Great Britain shot to popularity in 2016 after taking part in ITV2’s Love Island, where she was one of the most famous contestants but opt to walk out of the villa after 39 days.

Eric Armstrong, Senior Coroner for Northumberland South, said in a statement:

‘Please be advised that a new hearing date for the Inquest dealing with Sophie’s death has been arranged.

Mr. and Mrs. Gradon has appealed that the Inquest take place in their absence, and the Inquest was fixed for Thursday 18th April at 10.30am at Howard House.

Mr. Armstrong ruled on March 19 that the death of Sophie’s boyfriend Aaron Armstrong was suicide.


Written by Anne W. Hansen

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