Symptoms you’re slow learner or dyslexic. How to overcome?

Identify it, overcome it! (source:

Many times, you may realize that you are having difficulty learning certain things. You may begin to wonder whether this is a normal phenomenon, whether you are just a slow learner or may be dyslexic. It is very important for you to access yourself so that you can take the proper steps. So, to help you out, here we tell you about the symptoms shown by slow learners and dyslexics.

Who are slow learners?

By definition, a slow learner is a child whose skills take significantly more time to develop for his/her age. Sometimes, he/she may be below average in intelligence. However, the child will eventually go through all the stages of development and over all, the development will be comparatively even.

Characteristics of slow learners include:

  • They may be great at certain tasks. However, they may be poorer in subject areas and have trouble understanding some steps of the assigned task.
  • They may have poor memory.
  • May show frustration, anxiety or aggression.
  • Usually prefer to hang out with younger children, have immature social behavior.

Who are dyslexics?

Dyslexia is a learning disorder in which the patient has trouble identifying the speech sounds and how they relate with letters and words. This causes the person to have difficulty in reading. However, their intelligence is absolutely normal. People who have dyslexia are dyslexics.

Characteristics of dyslexics:

In children(5-12 years of age):

  • Difficulties learning the names and sounds of letters
  • Unpredictable and inconsistent spellings
  • Mixed up order of letters in words
  • Can answer the questions verbally, but difficulty with written answers
  • Difficulty in learning sequences such as the alphabet or days of the week
  • Poor handwriting and speed of writing is slow

In Teenagers and Adults:

  • Frequent spelling errors
  • Difficulty when writing letters, reports or essays
  • Knowledgeable, but have trouble expressing all this wisdom into writing
  • Written work is poorly organized
  • Difficulty remembering phone numbers or PIN
  • Struggling when taking notes, copying words or revising for exams
  • Extreme difficulty meeting deadlines for written work

Is it possible to overcome?

As a slow learner, the best way to improve is to carefully analyze and understand your learning style. What works best for you? Do you understand better when you are writing or when you hear things out loud? Reach out to people, take extra tutoring if you need- whatever will help you improve your speed. Don’t worry, you will catch up, never lose hope!

As a dyslexic, you can definitely succeed in school. You might need some tutoring from a dedicated mentor. Otherwise you can also join a specialized education program. Do not worry! Make sure you have people around you who provide you the emotional support that you need. You are brilliant, never forget that!


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