Does Traveling Heal You Mentally? Benefits of Travelling

Do you ever notice like you are stuck in a groove? Taking a break and having a change of scenery, even if it is just a couple of hours down the road, can work wonders, and it has been scientifically justified that travel offers a number of benefits to your mental health. Just one trip far away could help transform your outlook on life for the better

Here are a few reasons why it may be worth packing your suitcase and go for vacation:

Boost your confidence

Travel Soul Therapy clarifies that ‘going far away from home to travel has the capability to increase self-confidence. It is a process of enhancing self-knowledge where you can be a participant and a researcher of your own inner procedure of growth and hiking awareness.’

When you travel, particularly when you are alone you get to make option and experience things which are unanticipated, but not ignore. When you go through these adventures you obtain confidence which you get to keep with you for the rest of your life. In turn, this can induce you more confident.

Enhances creativity

As creativity is usually associated with neuroplasticity (how the brain is wired), it means our brains are sensitive to change, affected by new environments and experiences.

According to the Colombia Business School’s Adam Galinsky, the crucial to getting a creativity boost is to really engage yourself in the place and involve with its local culture; this open-mindedness can aid you to embrace different techniques of living to your own, in turn affecting your own outlook on life. Having a creative way out is a great idea to practice mindfulness and so the more you are able to put it to good use, the better it is.

Affect your personality

Travelling, especially if you are in a foreign country, can sometimes lay you out of your comfort zone, and so you usually have to shape up to those differences.

This defiance strengthens the ‘openness’ dimension of your personality, as per a 2013 paper by Zimmerman and Neyer. The paper also says that this adjustment makes you less emotionally reactive to day-to-day changes, boosting emotional stability, whereas meeting new people can also help with agreeableness, depending on the size of your existing social network.

Stress Relief

Often our lives can be continually busy, and sometimes we may feel that we are living every day on repeat. Travel is a great idea to flee the stresses and commitments of everyday life, providing oddity and change in the form of new people, sights and experiences.

Margaret J King of the Center for Cultural Studies and Analysis has said this about the stress-relieving capabilities of travel, “With a short list of activities each day, freed up from the complexities of ongoing projects and relationships, the mind can rest, as does the body, with stress relief the main outcome.

For some people, travel is not about exploring new places, but rather fleeing old ones that have a negative effect on our lives. Vacations can also aid us to manage stress since they take us away from the places and activities which contribute to our stress levels.

Enhance happiness even before you travel

The impacts of travel are not perceived only during and after your trip. As a matter of fact, even just the inkling of going on a break can boost your mood. People are at their elated when they have a vacation projected, a study by the University of Surrey explored, and are also more positive about their health, economic condition and general quality of life.

A study by Cornell University also showed that we get more peace of mind from expecting a travel experience in comparison to preparing from buying a new possession. It turns out that money can procure you happiness, but just not in the way we anticipated.

Strengthens relationships

Partaking travel experiences with your other half can make your relationship solid, as per the survey by the US Travel Association, which has a knock-on impact on your own mental wellbeing and self-esteem. The results found that not only does travel have long-term impacts for couples, such as a hike in closeness and judgment of shared interests and goals, but also that it aids to manage relationships, as well as to reinstate a romantic spark.

Not only do you get to revel in some quality time together and savor new experiences together, but overcoming the difficult elements of traveling together, such as anticipating the trip and making any compromises, can aid to bring you closer together and make you a robust couple.

Enhances your capability to be spontaneous

There is such a thing like ‘going on holidays’ and then there is ‘travelling’. They are not alike: the variance is that when you go on a holiday you have confined time. However, traveling requires planning to go somewhere, therefore you are freer and are more spontaneous.

Ponder about it: you are on your road to the museum and see local retail and choose to stay there and explore the market. Or in a restaurant, you begin a chat with your neighbors at the table next to you they summon you back to their village for a tour in an ancient castle. By relishing these spontaneous endeavors you learn to be more at the moment instead of stressing out about keeping your plan.

Enhances your communication skill

When you are traveling be it by yourself, or with someone else, or in a group, you get to communicate with new people. You get to meet people from various culture and background. This can open up your view of the world. It can also make you less nervous to talk to the nice next door neighbor who immigrated from another country.

Travelling allows you to get to know yourself better

When you travel you get to encounter all kinds of things that you do not encounter at home. These adventure and choices you make in them make you who you actually are. By declaring these experiences, you react to them and you get a chance to know yourself better. You may find it sarcastic but traveling can indeed help us lose ourselves. And in this space of loss, we are come across with valuable experience to explore more about ourselves for ourselves, to get to know ourselves better like us, not just as others do.

Traveling means relaxation, both physically and mentally

This article is about how adventure on travel can reduce your daily stress by thinking about the experience. But there are a lot of ways how to travel, particularly holidays can reduce your stress. By going on vacation you take a break from your daily life and the daily stress from work, family, etc. which you have to deal with. Taking a vacation from stress is good, since your heart rate drops, your mind gets empty. This is when you flee the daily thoughts about what you have to do at home and savor the beach or the walk you are taking at that moment at your vacation destination.

Travelling allows you to shift your perspective

By taking a vacation from your daily work by traveling or going on holiday. You take a gap from your daily environment and habits. You get to form new habits and also some distance from your daily life, that means you can get another look on the daily life of things occurring in your life.


Written by Anne W. Hansen

Nico Santos

Philip Winchester