What to do to make the Mind Sharp? A few tips

It is necessary to keep the mind active in order to increase its memory. Filling negative thoughts with the mind reduces the power of the mind. So always be positive and be physically and mentally healthy.

Here are some simple tips to make your mind sharper :

Do regular exercise. Doing meditation and yoga is even more beneficial. Regular exercise can help our body become agile and it is also beneficial for fitness to exercise regularly. If our body is fit then we will always remain interested in all kinds of daily activities.

Do not eat oily and heavy foods. Oily foods are affecting our bodies. Eating oily food can have a detrimental effect on our health. So avoid eating oily food as much as possible. Many foods also affect our body. Too much food makes you feel lazy, tired, and unwilling to do anything. If that happens, we have a hard time achieving success.

Drink plenty of water. Water is an essential ingredient in our lives. Without water, we cannot even imagine our lives. Water is beneficial to our bodies. Drinking a lot of water will help to avoid various rags and the body will be agile. Therefore, drinking water benefits the mind as well as health.

If you always set the clock in the left hand, you should use it in the right hand for 1/4 days. By switching the clock, your mind becomes active and your memory is enhanced while watching the clock. Therefore, the clock has the habit of swapping one hand with the other.

If you use right-hand to brush then sometimes use the left hand. In doing so, the mind focuses on the task itself and becomes active.

If you say ‘I have a hard time remembering’, don’t bring it to mind. Always try to be positive that I can remember. If you are doing some work with negative thoughts in the beginning, then you will never reach the pinnacle of success in your life. So always keep a positive key.

When reading something, bring the picture in your mind. For example, if you are reading about a dog, bring a picture of a dog to your mind. Doing so will not make you forget that. Doing so will make your mind sharper.

No matter how much you read, write down what you read. If you are reading and writing, you will not forget that thing for too long. Of the good reading habits, the best habits are writing habits.

Don’t put your mind on reading or doing anything at all. Reading the mind repeatedly in a freshness infuses everything in the mind. Set aside some time for entertaining activities. Doing so will cause your brain to become stressed.

Listen deeply to the meaning of what people say. If you remember anything, it is important to understand it well. And only then will that be remembered. So develop the habit of understanding and listening well.

Avoid past misery and fear of the future. If you remember the past and begin to fill your mind with fear of what is going to happen in the future, you will never remember anything and your mind’s memory will decrease.

Always be self-reliant in your work. Doing so activates your mind. Develop your own work habits and self-reliance. It helps a lot to make your mind tighter.

Avoid negative things and smile. Positive thoughts and smiles bring refreshing waves to the body and mind. Only by thinking negative things can the mind be filled with negative things.

More info:

Here are three ways to increase memory efficiency

We need the same kind of intelligence to make the right decision at the right time. And, a direct connection to wisdom is with the mind. Now another question, how to make the mind strong?

Have you ever been that you try to remember a place or a person’s name, but do not remember it anyway? It is said that as we age, our memory becomes weaker. This can happen. However, memory can be kept healthy even as we age. There are some advantages to that.

We are always surrounded by a question, ‘How to be successful? How to make progress? ‘To achieve success in any karma, physical and mental attachment, activism, perseverance, self-confidence are essential. We can move forward in the process by properly executing the right plan. So for this, we need not only an energetic, active and fit body, but also a strong intellect.

Develop your exercise habits

Do regular exercise, increase memory? The question is natural. When we exercise, the interactions between the cells of the brain are well established and new cells are formed. Cardio exercise is better, oxygen flows to the body. Vitamin D is also available if you do this exercise outside the home.

Develop the habit of remembering quickly

This is a way to remember or remember anything along with any activity. This kind of approach is often done by film actors. If you do anything with movement, it is more possible to remember it. If you need to make a presentation somewhere and are preparing for it. Suppose that you prepare for it by reading a note, and by dancing or physical gestures, the second method will be more effective.

Eat a balanced diet

When you eat sugar-rich foods, about 5 percent of it goes straight to the brain. That is the reason, the working state of the brain depends on the level of glucose. If you do not control sugar levels, your brain may be confused. Rather, such foods are right for the brain, which produces dopamine chemicals. Also, keep in mind that the brain cells are made up of fat. Therefore, the amount of fat in the food should be. In addition, sugars, beans, pears, fish are great for the brain.

Look for a new challenge

You need to challenge your mind to keep it healthy. It also motivates you to learn something new. Even if you can’t do all of this, you can still play online games with friends and family. Music has a magical effect on the mind. Listen to a song, play an instrument, you will feel the smell, the body is fully activated. Song memory can sometimes serve as an effective cure if memory is weak.

Read and think

When you read something new, the two cells of your brain are connected. When you sleep, this connection becomes stronger. What you read resides in the brain. It’s a good idea to remember anything. That is why it is not good to listen to a movie or horror story before going to bed. This can negatively impact your brain.

Get up in the morning like this

As you know, sleep is very important. If you sleep five hours a day, you can’t be mentally alert. This condition also occurs when you sleep for more than 10 hours. What does it mean, how often do you sleep or how often do you get up? Its signaling is also linked to memory. The best-case scenario is that you sleep in the dark and get up after the light begins to shine. As such, the rays of the sun. The touch of the rising sun rays can also help to enhance memory.


Written by Joel S. Elkins

Bunny Ayumi

Neiva Mara