Wilbur Soot is an English social media star, singer, and musician, best known as one of the members behind the YouTube channel SootHouse, which has amassed a fanbase of more than 1.5 million subscribers. The other members of the channel include George Soot, Charlie Soot, David Soot, Matt Soot, Rhianna Soot, Jack Soot, and Dan Soot, and Wilbur is the group’s main editor. On his personal YouTube channel titled Wilbur Soot, he has amassed a fanbase of more than 900k subscribers and has primarily published gameplay of the video game Minecraft.

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Wilbur Soot Facts

  1. He appeared in the very 1st video on the SootHouse YouTube channel titled Bulgarian Real Estate, which was published in April 2017. However, this wasn’t his 1st YouTube video ever as he published content on a YouTube channel titled FlaredAverage prior to that.
  2. He is recognized as the leader for the SootHouse channel and was the one that came up with the “Soot” part of the name. It allegedly originates from a Tamagotchi forum.
  3. Wilbur is the geography nerd in the group, which earned him the nickname of “Flag Man.”
  4. Apart from occasional vlogs, SootHouse members only used audio to give a comedic take on various things regarding popular culture. To help viewers easily distinguish between members, each member has color-coded subtitles added while editing, and he uses grey/white.
  5. He and his fellow SootHouse group members often collaborated with YouTubers and streamers such as and Jschlatt. He himself has collaborated with Philza, , JackSucksAtLife, RTGame, , and ConnorEatsPants.
  6. Wilbur has often stated that he is the number 1 fan of a fellow YouTuber JackSucksAtLife.
  7. He is slowly learning to speak Dutch because he likes the Netherlands.
  8. Wilbur is obsessed with cats.
  9. He would rather be deaf than blind.
  10. Wilbur would rather drink soda for the rest of his life than eat hamburgers.
  11. He admitted to having a lot of body image issues because he was always tall and skinny.
  12. Wilbur created a YouTube/Twitch profile picture of his face with a pink/green background 8 hours after he was dumped by his 1st girlfriend, drinking at a Halloween party.
  13. Between December 2018 and February 2019, he created and took part in an ARG (Alternate Reality Game) on JackSucksAtLife’s channel. The mystery behind the game remained unsolved as of late 2019.
  14. Wilbur has played Minecraft on his personal channel on 2 most notable mods/servers inside the game – SMP Earth and Skyblock Randomizer.
  15. He and his SootHouse group members went on a hiatus on July 28, 2019. He revealed on Twitch that they also decided to deactivate their account on the Patreon platform.
  16. Between January 2018 and November 2019, he has released 6 songs on his secondary YouTube channel titled Wilbur Music. They are comedic parodies and originals titled The “Nice Guy” Ballad, I am a Familiar Creak in your Floorboards, Romance is Boring, I Am Very Smart, Karen, please come back I miss the kids, and Whole Lotta Loving.

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Facts of William Arthur Gold

  • Gender Male
  • full nameWilliam Arthur Gold
  • middle nameArthur
  • nicknamesFlag Man, Wilbur Soot
  • birthplaceLondon, England, United Kingdom
  • Date of Birth September 14, 1996
  • Age 25 years 2 months
  • Horoscope Virgo
  • Lucky Number 12
  • Lucky Stone Sapphire
  • Lucky Color Green
  • Best Match for Marriage Taurus, Capricorn
  • nationalityAmerican
  • net worth$1.2 Million
  • professionSocial Media Star, Singer, Musician
  • weight82 kg or 181 lbs
  • height6 ft 5 in
  • hair colorDark Brown
  • eye colorDark Brown
  • body type / buildSlim
  • collegeSussex Downs College

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