Worried about the problem of Hair Fall? Here’s What You Should Know

Our Hair’s work is not just about protecting the head. Hair is also meant to protect the brain from being too cold and too hot. Moreover, the hair is also added to the beauty. Although hair is short-haired, most girls have long hair to look beautiful. Usually, the process of shaving old hair and shedding new ones is underway. But sometimes the hair starts to weaken and fall off in an unusual way. There are several reasons for this.

Nowadays mental stress, anxiety, digestive system problems, inadequate nutrition, side effects of medicine, polluted environment, maximum use of toxic chemicals in food, and nature’s removal process are affecting the hair along with various parts of the body. These days even youths under thirty are suffering from hair loss. Therefore, even sales of beauty products that claim to stop hair loss are increasing day by day in our country.

1. Hereditary qualities

If someone in the family had a hair fall, if your father or mother had a problem with it, then your hair may also fall because of it. If hair loss is inherited, it makes the solution more complicated.

2. Unhealthy eating

Lack of proper nutrition in the diet causes the body to lack nutrients like iron, vitamin A, protein, zinc, and calcium. Which causes the hair fall problem.

3. Smoke

Nicotine in cigarettes causes blood clots to begin to contract. Due to which the oxygen levels in the body are reduced. It also affects the hair along with the body parts.

4. Alcohol

Drinking more alcohol causes toxins to increase in the body. Iron, zinc, water is deficient. As a result, the hair falls.

5. Anxiety

Anxiety is another major cause of hair fall. Anxiety worsens the body’s hormone balance. Also, the power of the body is unnecessarily destroyed.

Here are the reasons why you fall to your hair. If some of these factors are in your habit, then eliminating or reducing them is good. In addition, some treatments are also beneficial for preventing hair fall. Here are some general household tips. If you use them patiently, you can definitely get rid of hair loss problems. Try it out

After bathing, rub the head and wash after 5 minutes. Doing so also prevents hair loss. Doing this thrice a week can quickly see improvement.

By adding neem leaves to the water, boil it until the water is half full and after boiling the boiling water, the hair becomes stronger. Care should be taken not to overlook the water while bathing with saltwater.

After soaking massage in dried tamarind or coconut oil, the hair becomes stronger.

Soak the fenugreek at night, grind it well in the morning and rub it on the head to the root of the hair. After 5 minutes wash your hair. Doing so prevents hair loss.

Grind the onion to extract its juice, rub it on the hair from top to bottom, and after 5 minutes the wash will stop the hair from falling.

Dip two bags of Green Tea in three cups of hot water and leave it until it is drained. Then wash or massage the hair with warm water. Doing so will strengthen the hair.

Remove the yellow part of the egg and rinse it in the head to reach the root of the white hair and bathe after 5 minutes. The protein in the egg, the vitamin, prevents hair loss.

If the hair is falling too much, you should exercise about five minutes a week for about 5 minutes. During exercise, the blood circulation of the head becomes faster and oxygen is not weakened.

Emphasis should be given to foods containing protein, iron, zinc, sulfur, vitamin-C, vitamin-B due to hair loss problems. It strengthens the hair.

Applying mehndi to the hair over time also makes the hair stronger.

In order to strengthen the hair and not fall off, hair should be applied twice a week with amla, peanuts, olives, coconut, coriander oil.

What not to do?

  • Hair should not be tied hard because of hair loss problems.
  • If there is a problem with hair filling, then you should not cut your hair. Doing so increases hair loss.
  • If you have hair loss problems, you should not walk in the sun too much. An umbrella must be carried when it is exposed to the sun.
  • If the hair is falling excessively, do not bathe with hot water.
  • Anyone who wants to not see the hair should dye the hair, not straighten it. Hair should be kept in a natural state.
  • Due to the hair filling problem, you should not rinse your hair after a bath.
  • Red hair should be eaten less if you have hair loss problems.
  • Cucumber seed (dried), bran, broccoli, cauliflower, pulses, etc. should be eaten more.
  • Since junk food is high in calories and lacking in other nutrients, it can cause hair loss.

Here are some ways to prevent hair loss

Here we have some information about Ayurveda, other ancient methods and home remedies that prevent hair loss. Some of these particular measures may be beneficial to particular individuals and others may not. That is to say, such measures may vary from person to person. So it’s worthwhile to see if a solution works for a few days.

1. Onions and almonds

Onions contain an element called antioxidant. This helps prevent hair loss. Take three onions and a small slice of almond. Take off the onion juice and grind it into fine dust and mix it and leave it on the hair overnight then wash the hair thoroughly in the morning. It is important to do this twice a week. Which prevents your hair from falling.

2. Banana and eggs

Take one banana and egg and mix banana egg paste and paste it in the hair and leave it for half an hour. Then wash your hair with warm water. Doing so will gradually stop the hair fall after a few days.

3. Eggs and Green Tea

Egg food benefits the body as much as it does for the hair. Eggs contain a large amount of protein. So make an egg white part and paste a couple of teaspoons of green tea to the root of the hair and after half an hour wash with clean water. Doing this three times a week will solve your hair loss problem. In addition, regular nutrient intake, regular exercise and adequate amount of sleep are also required.

4. Yoga

Believe it or not, stress is one of the main reasons for hair fall. When a person is under stress, the problem of losing his hair increases. Regular yoga reduces stress and balances the number of hormones in the body.

5. Massage with hot oil

Heat the mustard, mustard or coconut oil lightly. Massage the hair with fine hot oil to reach the root of the hair. Let it remain for about an hour and then wash the hair with a sample. The night before bedtime is when the oil is rubbed on the hair and in the morning the hair will be brushed.

6. Ample powder in lemon juice

After an hour and a half of washing the paper with soda and water mixed with sour cream, the hair will stop falling and even reduce the rash. Do this twice a week. Even if those who do not have the problem of falling hair to keep their hair healthy and healthy, then this procedure also avoids any possible hair loss in the future.

  • Even Spikenard is considered extremely beneficial for hair. It removes the skin’s defects and also purifies the blood. When spikenard improves blood circulation in the palate, it reaches the nutrients there and not only stops the hair from falling but also sheds the hair that has fallen. Mixing 1/3 drops of spikenard oil with coconut or other oils we apply, and rubbing it on the head for 5 minutes and half an hour after washing the head is beneficial.
  • Fenugreek used in our kitchen is a good way to prevent hair loss. For this, grind two tablespoons of fenugreek powder, add a little water and make a paste. It not only stops hair loss but also removes tea and improves skin health.
  • Coconut, Amla, Peanut can help prevent hair fall even after massaging it for 5 minutes. The oil massage enhances the blood circulation of the head and helps to grow the hair back to the roots or to the hair follicles.
  • Similarly, making a paste of peppercorns, chilies, milk, lemon seeds, and putting them in the place where the hair is lying, in the morning and washing in the morning can be very beneficial.
  • Mix three teaspoons of coconut oil in half a cup of Aloe vera and apply it on the palate and hair for 5 minutes and then wash it with warm water.

Written by Joel S. Elkins

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